The Reality Tea Merch Store Has Officially Opened

Once again, we would love to thank everyone for supporting our website, always, but especially right now. Everyone’s lives have changed so much in recent months and it means so much to all of us at Reality Tea that you make the time to read our site, share articles, and provide insightful commentary. We are so happy that we can maintain some sense of normalcy for the readers and provide some entertainment when it might be needed.

We are always looking for new ways to expand our Reality Tea community.

With that said, we understand that this is not the best time to announce that we have just launched our Reality Tea online store. We are trying to be as sensitive as we can be with our news coverage and social media activity given everything that’s going on in the world. We completely understand that this timing isn’t ideal. However, our team has been working on this merchandise for a while, we’ve been holding off on the launch, and it’s just unclear when life will resume as “normal.” We acknowledge all of that. We know that not everyone is in a place to shop at this time and we completely understand that.

Working on the store items has been such an enjoyable collaboration for us. We have been eager to share this with all of you for a long time. Regardless of whether or not you purchase anything, we want to thank all of you for your support that you’ve shown in so many ways!

Since we love serving up the Reality Tea, we have some mugs for your tea (or coffee) at home. We have covers for your cell phones (iPhone and Samsung), so you can type up the best shade when you live-tweet your favorite shows. There are leggings and sports bras if you want to rep the site while you work out.

The Reality Tea Merch Store Has Officially Opened

We have some cozy sweatshirts for anyone who wants to be comfortable at home. We have some short sleeve tops and tanks, which would be perfect as the weather warms up. There are gift cards if you want to let your favorite reality TV viewer pick out their own merchandise.

The Reality Tea Merch Store Has Officially Opened

We are so excited about this store launch and we’re so happy to finally share the items with all of you! Click here to check out all of the items. Thank you all for your support!

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