90 Day Fiance Alum Jorge Nava Has A Clothing Line

Jorge Nava has emerged from prison victorious, and is taking his status from felon to fashion mogul. Every die-hard 90 Day Fiance fan remembers Jorge and Anfisa Nava, the stand-out couple of season 4, and one of the most infamous of the entire series. After getting arrested for marijuana-related charges in 2008, Jorge was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. He was recently released, looking totally transformed after losing over 100 lbs while serving his sentence. 

Jorge seems to be experiencing a “glow up” in more ways than one. The former 90 Day Fiance star has started his own clothing line “Kilos to Paris”, which features a variety of printed streetwear for men and women. It seems as if he has gotten a new lease on life. He’s starting his post-prison career in a positive direction. However, there are a some references to his 90 Day Fiance days in the collection.

The recently launched website Kilos to Paris has all of the Jorge swag anyone could ever wish for. From jackets to t-shirts, hoodies and even a random draw-string bag to store your “baller”, Kilos to Paris has it all. The price points on the t-shirts set you back about $40 on average, while the logo hoodies are in the $50-$100 price range. One of the stand out t-shirt slogans reads “Love Is Cursed. Focus on Fitness” which sounds like it could be a dig at Jorge’s ex-90 Day Fiance, Anfisa (though she is ironically also focusing on fitness, so it actually could be a statement she’d agree with).

There is another t-shirt with a handwritten type of font that reads “Fame changes people”, which could also be a connection to Jorge’s life and marriage being on display. 


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Jorge launched his retail site with a unique promo video on his Instagram page featuring fast cars (we know how Jorge loves his cars..), a private jet, and a lot of $100 bills. The video starts off with Jorge wearing an orange t-shirt, an obvious nod to his recent prison stint.

He then takes off, symbolizing his new civilian life wearing his “Kilos to Paris” wears. The video was well-made, and seemed to be pretty well received especially by some members of Jorge’s 90 Day Fiance family. 

Paola Mayfield commented on the video release with “Tas tas tas!! Great job!” as well as her husband Russ Mayfield adding “Sick video, looking forward to the drop! Digging the fresh new look”. 


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David Tobrowsky joined in the positive comments saying “Looking good”. Tiffany Franco of 90 Day Fiance; The Other Way added “Whoever made this video is crazy good [it] was done so well”. 

It seems as though Jorge’s fashion endeavors are off to a great start. The only thing Kilos to Paris is missing is a makeup bag, only available in a red colorway, with “Bring me my red bag with my makeup!” printed on the front. We can only hope to see that in the Fall collection…


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