90 Day Fiance Alum Jorge Nava Wants To Return To Reality TV & Get Back Into Legal Marijuana Business After Prison

In 2018, 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava was sentenced to two and half years in prison after being caught with 300 pounds of marijuana in his car.  If you feel like Jorge has been popping up a lot recently, he is scheduled to be released in May. He has been giving interviews about his time in prison and plans for a future post-release.

Of course, fans of the show know how he got to this point.  Jorge brought his soon to be ex-wife Anfisa Nava, from Russia on a K-1 fiance visa.  He promised her a lavish lifestyle that he could not afford and that led to conflicts in between the couple.  Perhaps that was a catalyst for Jorge’s choice to drive marijuana through a state where it was illegal.  It’s already been reported that Jorge and Anfisa will be divorcing and that she has moved on with another man.  But what is in store for Jorge?

Recently, Jorge did an interview with In Touch Weekly. Jorge is very keen to get back on the small screen.  He said, “going back to reality TV is [a conversation] that I’ve been having since the day I came into prison.”

Of course, Jorge is useless to the 90 Day Fiance franchise without a partner.  But luckily Jorge also has more realistic and practical goals for life after prison.  He explained “some of the plans [for] when I get released are just being able to get myself back on my feet.  I’m still exploring different avenues to get back into the legal marijuana business, and, hopefully, I am able to do that [despite] being a felon now.”


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Jorge also wants to present a positive narrative about his life as a felon.  “I’m trying to build a positive image for everybody that, you know, even in [the] darkest time in life,” Jorge said, “it’s still good to have hope, because the light at the end of the tunnel will definitely come in time.”

Jorge does not have Anfisa for support, but he has found positive energy through fans of the show.  “I’m getting released soon, and all [the] positive feedback that I’m getting from strangers, like on social media and stuff like that,” he explained, “it’s just giving me this really good hope, this really good feeling…about my new beginning, really.”


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So what is Jorge most excited about?  He explained, “the one thing I’m looking forward to the most is…being able to [make] my own choices, finally.  I’m trying to…stay away from any criminal activity and, hopefully, get all of my goals and ideas executed.”

Jorge has already achieved a major goal with his health.  He lost 128 pounds while in jail.  “I actually started working out with other people that have been training and doing bodybuilding and stuff,” he said, “[it’s] almost like an addiction.”


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Maybe Jorge will be able to take that energy and put it towards other goals.


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