Married At First Sight Recap- Season 11 Premiere: The Story Begins

Reality TV’s most controversial dating show; Married At First Sight is BACK!!! This time the social experiment takes place in The Big Easy. These southern ladies and gents are about to embark on one of the scariest adventures of their life.   These brave souls will be marrying a complete stranger and attempting to create a long lasting relationship within a eight week period. Cue the nerves and instant bubble guts. I love this show! It allows me to utilize two conflicting traits, being jaded and a hopeless romantic. The experts claim they use science and insight from previous seasons to make decisions on matches. Let’s hope this year, these singles fair better than some of the show’s alums from the past.

Nerves are high as ten singles prepare to marry a complete stranger.  The couples have just found out they are engaged and now only have less than two weeks until their wedding day. Each person reveals the shocking news to their family. This is a short time to convince your loved ones you are not completely insane. The participants will have to find a way to convince their guests to show up to a shit show wedding One groom’s motives are put to the test when the bachelor party takes a wild turn.. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 11 Premiere: The Story Begins

Bennett, 28, grew up in Montvale, New Jersey, and is the artistic director of a theater company as well as many other things. He is a self-described weirdo and by the looks of his wife-to- be he may have just met his match. Bennett has had a string of bad relationships, but is ready to take a leap of faith. Amelia, 27, was raised in Richmond, Virginia, and is currently completing her medical residency. Like her betrothed, she also is a fellow creative mind. She falls in love easily, but is ready to finally meet the one. Despite her adventurous spirit, her friends are worried she may end up disappointed.

At the beginning of the bachelor party, Bennett retreats within himself. This simple guy has no interest in the display of macho bravado. He literally still has a flip phone!  I didn’t know there were still places that still sold that outdated device. I am starting to think the experts may have gotten this couple right. Both seem like eclectic souls who aren’t trying to be anyone other than themselves. I will wait to see how this plays out, but right now, I get a good vibe from these two. Okay forget everything I just said. Seeing Bennett dancing with the strippers was hilarious. That little two step and smile made my night. This man has probably never ever even met an exotic dancer before, let alone partied with them.

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 11 Premiere: The Story Begins

Karen, 30, grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is a project manager. She has been single for five years and finds dating to be quite difficult. In her last relationship ended when she found out he cheated and fathered a child with someone else. Although Karen isn’t normally a risk taker, she is willing to throw caution to the wind in hopes of finding Mr. Right.  When she informs her mother that she is getting married in two weeks, she is met with confusion. Her mother thinks the idea of finding a mate in this manner is insane. Well Mama Karen, trust me you are not alone. I love this show because it’s a war against optimism and what most consider reality.

Miles, 26, was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is passionate about education and loves working with children. Although he is a product of a divorced family, his grandparents give him hope for true love. Miles feels ready for the challenge of marriage, despite his age. He not only has faith in the experts, but trusts the process. When he tells his grandparents about his engagement, they fully support his decision. I wonder if he parents will be in attendance for the wedding as well.

Karen and Miles will be the first couple this season to get married. She is already having second thoughts now that the special day is here. Miles on the other hand is excited to meet his new wife. Things begin to take a turn for the worst when Karen asks to speak with producers. Apparently, she got a text by accident that listed her husband’s name. She instantly went on social media to find out more about her fiancé. Well, sadly, she didn’t like what she saw. In fact, she thinks he may be too emotional for her. Girl, if he didn’t express his feelings that would be an issue, as well. Karen, give him a chance! Miles seems like such a nice guy and he is attractive.  I think she may be pleasantly surprised as things move forward. Please don’t be the shallow bride on the show, there is always one. I j hate the element of surprise was taken away from this couple. SMH…


Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 11 Premiere: The Story Begins

Olivia, 30, was born and raised in Bossier City, Louisiana. She is currently a nurse practitioner in New Orleans at a stroke center. Having worked hard in her career, Olivia is ready to dedicate her effort in a relationship. It’s time to share her time with more than her cats and trivia group. When her mother finds out she is engaged she is shocked, but hopes things work out.

Brett, 35, was born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana. He has a career in IT within local government. In the past, he has been a serial dater without much luck. Brett is now ready to meet that special woman. When he tells his family they immediately think he is joking. Everyone is completely taken off guard that he has agreed to not only meet, but marry a stranger.  His dad questions why he is allowing “a nerd to push buttons and make decisions.” Oh Father Brett, there is no nerd, just a group of experts matching adults based on superficial criteria.

At the bachelor party, Brett shows his true colors. It becomes painfully clear this man isn’t mature enough for this experiment. He flirts with everything in a skirt and tells all the guys that looks are high on his priority list. He even goes as far as to say a woman would be crazy, not to be attracted to him. Umm… I must be crazy, because I wouldn’t look at him twice. Honestly he seems like a nerdy guy who is trying way too hard to seem cool for the camera. After striking out all night, Brett leaves the party without saying goodbye. All of the guys begin to question Brett’s intentions after witnessing his behavior.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 11 Premiere: The Story Begins

Amani, 29, was raised in Chicago, but moved to New Orleans to attend college. She is passionate about her work in the non-profit sector and aspires to have her own one day. Despite her bleak dating history, she is serious about finding a life partner. When she tells her friends the news, they all seem genuinely happy for her.

Woody, 30, was born and raised in New Orleans where he is currently a teacher and coach at a high school. He is ready to find a mate he can share the love and kindness he learned from his mother.  Growing up, he never had a real relationship with his father due to his stint in jail. I hope Amani is okay with marrying a short man with some questionable outfit choices in his closet. When he put on that black fedora and glittery suit jacket, I wasn’t sure if he was a stripper at night or actually thought that was cute.  His sister and friends think he is more interested in partying than a wife. Does this guy keep speaking about himself in third person? Insert side eye. In a twist, Woody is actually best friends with another participant, Miles.  This should be interesting. Having a good friend to share this experience could either be a help or a hindrance depending on circumstances. I think I really like Amani. She seems sweet and well rounded. The jury is still out on Woody, at this point.

Christina & Henry

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 11 Premiere: The Story Begins

Christina, 30, was born in Houma, Louisiana and raised by a single mother. She has never met her biological father. She is a flight attendant that recently got out of a five-year relationship.  Since then, she hasn’t put much effort into dating. She now is ready to find the special man who will be the first to give her flowers. and treat her like she is special. After finding out the news, her mother is genuinely happy for her daughter.

Henry, 35, was born and raised in Arabi, Louisiana and currently works as a health recruiter at a hospital. He is looking to settle down despite being unsuccessful at every approach in the past. The dating apps have been disappointing, and his friends and colleagues have no one else to introduce him to. After having emergency heart surgery, he realized he wanted a wife to share his life with.  As an overweight child, he still lacks self-confidence.  Hopefully he gets some quickly because there is nothing worse than having to constantly reassure an adult.

At the bachelorette party, Christina is extremely uncomfortable. At one point she tells some of the girls she would rather just be out to eat with friends. She  has to go outside when she has a prude anxiety attack from all of the debauchery. I fully understand, I would rather have a spa day than have a stripper for a bachelorette. But, if left with no options, I can hang with the best of them. Once everyone leaves, Christina comes back out of her shell and enjoys the time with the other ladies.


Early Predictions: Brett is a jerk that will find a way to jeopardize his marriage before it really begins. Christina and Henry will fall for each other quickly. Miles and Karen will have challenges, but will become stronger as a result.