Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

I often wonder what type of person decides to sign up for not a dating a show, but one where you actually get married. Every year I discover there isn’t just one category of person that is willing to participate. Maybe that is why I find this show so interesting. This season of Married At First Sight  is filled with some of the most interesting couples and dynamics. One couple is probably one of the most unique pair I’ve seen on reality TV. Then there are two best friends, who both signed up and were picked to be a part of the cast together. Now that we have gotten to know the players, I’m just waiting for the shit show to begin. It never fails, everyone is happy one day and in the blink of an eye it changes.

This episode the final two couples will walk down the aisle. For the first time in Married at First Sight history, one couple already knows each other. Ten stranger spouses celebrate tying the knot and spend their first night together as husband and wife. Will they have instant regrets or will this be the happiest day of their lives. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

When we last left Amelia and Bennett, she was walking down the aisle with a bird’s nest on top of her head. Bennett does not look happy to see his new bride, or maybe he is just shocked. Who can blame him? The bride’s guests look like they are attending a Halloween party rather than a wedding. Apparently, these two have actually met one another in the past at a mutual friend’s party. Although they liked one another, Bennett was in a relationship, so nothing came of it.  This is the weirdest wedding I have ever witnessed, but somehow it just works for them. I think this may be one of the few times the experts may have gotten things right. Or these were the only two really eccentric people who applied for the experiment and they thought “hell, why not.”

Chemistry is definitely in the air! Amelia and Bennett look like they have been dating for quite some time during the wedding photos. Amelia’s niece is already calling Bennett uncle, which was so cute. All signs are pointing to this being a good match. I have to admit, this is the most entertaining wedding that I have ever seen on this show. Thank God someone shook up the easy bake ceremony format that we are accustomed to seeing. Just when you think things couldn’t get even stranger, Bennett’s mother gives an incoherent speech. I don’t think anyone in the room knew what the hell she was talking about. Despite me laughing through her entire toast, I don’t think she was trying to be funny.

When Bennett talks to Amelia’s bridesmaids they steer him down an interesting line of questioning. They want to know everything from his favorite national park to his grooming habits. Ummm, okay! They even warn him that Amelia has armpit hair which Bennett loves. Meanwhile, Amelia’s conversation with her husband’s friends is more normal. Later in the reception, Amelia asks Bennett to participate in a family wedding tradition where she swings an egg tied to a rope on a stick. If he can catch the egg in his mouth, it symbolizes luck and a long lasting marriage. Or he could accidentally choke on this makeshift ball gag. His vegetarian diet clearly went out the door, when he not only catches but swallows the raw egg. Now that is a man who really wants this to work out! Even Amelia is surprised that he actually ate the egg. Gross!

Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

One thing is for sure, Henry wasn’t exaggerating when he said he didn’t take risks and lacks confidence. He looked like he was on the verge of dying of stage fright because he is the center of attention. Meanwhile, Christina is surrounded by her supportive family. When she receives a bouquet of flowers from her groom, her heart melts. Her husband will be the first man who has ever given her flowers, outside of her grandfather. Damn, that is kind of sad. Did every guy refuse to buy her flowers or was she waiting for a guy to figure out she wanted this gesture? If it was the latter, she may want to be more direct in the future. As Christina waits to walk down the aisle, her nerves get the best of her. This woman wants to a wife so bad, she is practically running down the aisle. When Henry first sees his bride the only thing he can say under his breath is “she’s tall.” SMH, He can’t be this insecure! This girl is pretty, that’s best you can do? Henry avoids all eye contact and seems to be having a panic attack of some sort during the ceremony. Things only get worse when he reads his vows that sound like my nephew wrote them. Even his father is embarrassed at his lack of game as he hangs his head in the audience. Christina’s vows were heartfelt and she even shed a few tears at the end. Ugh, Henry’s awkwardness has no bounds.

When Henry and Christina have a few moments alone after the ceremony, he can barely make small talk. She clearly isn’t impressed. In a post interview, she says he isn’t her type and she doesn’t remember his name. As much as I want to find that comment bitchy, I can’t blame her. Henry is the equivalent of unseasoned chicken. He is boring and can’t seem to snap out of his shell to save his life. His wife had to ask him if he found her attractive for goodness sake. If I didn’t know this was a wedding, I would think they met at a work conference in passing from that conversation. Recognizing Henry is extremely shy; Christina takes the lead during the wedding photos. He takes this as a sign that his wife has to be attracted to him, but she still doesn’t even know his name. LMAO! During the reception, he continues to have issues communicating. Christina attempts to reveal more about herself and her last relationship, but doesn’t get much in return. Things liven up when Henry’s dad makes a speech that is not only embarrassing, but paints him as the ultimate mama’s boy. You would think someone with a dad this funny would be less uptight. One can only hope he will loosen up over time.

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

Things get very odd, when a gaggle of Henry’s drunken female friends surround him and his wife. To Christina’s credit, she doesn’t allow the situation to intimidate her at all. She is open and honest in their conversation and doesn’t appear fazed in the least.  In a post interview, one of girls admits that she has no intention of respecting their relationship. Sigh. With a guy this boring, are you really going to be the girl to fight over him? If that’s the case, you should have done us all a favor and snagged him before he signed up for this show. It doesn’t seem like he had many women beating down his door to compete with. I have a feeling that Christina isn’t going to deal with being mistreated, in any way. As I watched one of Henry’s drunk friends paw at Christina and continue to talk about how gorgeous Henry was, I knew I had seen this woman before. Well, Trishelle from MTV’s The Real Word totally embarrassed herself in an effort to get another 15 minutes of fame . The woman hasn’t been seen in almost ten years and she is still drunk.  Good luck explaining your behavior to your husband!


Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

As much as I love Miles, he makes a grave mistake at the wedding. He basically tells Karen that he knew she was older and called her a “grown woman.” Yes, she is a few years older, but I highly doubt she wanted to hear that on a day where she is supposed to feel the most beautiful. I believe he meant she seemed sophisticated, but came off the wrong way. Miles makes up for his faux pas earlier, when he puts his wife’s mother at ease. When Karen speaks with his parents, they give her more insight on their son. While his mom says great things, his dad keep’s it real! This couple definitely has potential. As long as Karen relaxes and Miles proves himself to be genuine, I think things will slowly grow between them.

Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

Olivia speaks to Brett’s family to get more information on her new husband. They warn her that she will have to have a sense of humor to deal with him. Meanwhile, Brett’s sense of humor does not go over well with Olivia’s friends. He comes off extremely immature and only softens when he starts to speak about his cat. Insert side eye. I really don’t like this guy. I’m trying not to completely write him off, but he just seems so disingenuous. I don’t think he came on the show for the right reasons. But only time will tell if I am wrong.


Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time

Most men would be intimidated having to face not only a protective dad, but a step father as well. Not Woody, he seems totally at ease as he talks to Amani’s family.  I love that he opens up and shares that he doesn’t have a relationship with his father and hopes they can be role models to him. Damn you Woody, that admission made me view you in a totally different light. Originally I wasn’t sure he would take this marriage seriously, but my thoughts are starting to change. Amani’s fathers welcome him to the family with open arms. I am beginning to really like Woody. The fact that he told her family he wants to view them as his family as well made my heart smile. Amani also meshes really well with Woody’s friends. Their conversation is easy and they give her several tips about her new husband. By the end of the night, she even secures an invite to his friend’s wedding. Okay, I officially like these two as a couple. Their wedding didn’t feel forced, it was if they already knew one another. I really hope there isn’t some twist or crazy secret that is revealed to ruin this marriage. Especially, now that I saw that six pack he was hiding under those clothes. For now, I think the experts made a great choice.

Married At First Sight Recap: It’s Not the First Time




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