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Andy Cohen Says Diet Controversy Had Nothing To With Teddi Mellencamp Getting Fired From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Despite her famous last name, Teddi Mellencamp was far from a fan favorite during her time as a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member. At least she was Kyle Richards‘ favorite, which certainly didn’t help her gain any favor on Twitter… or Dorit Kemsley. Teddi never gave us any iconic one-liners. She was very easily rattled during confrontation. However, she had no problem picking up a spoon to instigate puppygate and the Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville hookup rumors.

Recently, Teddi’s “business” came under fire for promoting a 500-calorie a day diet. Screenshots were released of the emails Teddi sent to her program’s participants about the rules of participating. Texts were shared with some harsh messages for customers. She was accused of promoting disordered eating. Oh, the customers had to sign nondisclosure agreements to participate. So, did that have something to do with her firing? Apparently not, according to Andy Cohen.

During a recent episode of Radio Andy, he said, “Teddi Mellencamp released what I thought was one of the most, no BS. I’m leaving announcements on record.” I have to give Teddi’s props for her (ironically) most-likable moment. Teddi just admitted that she got fired and cried when she heard was just straightforward.

“That was really good. That was good,” Andy said. He continued, “She’s an accountability coach. So she checked herself, you know, but I have to say it’s so wild when you, everyone has just been through it. The year, like it’s not many people for whom this year has been a good year, but she had, I mean, she has had some major health stuff with her kids. So I really, you know, I was, I was watching that thinking, wow, she’s been through it health wise with her kids.” So, what you’re saying is you saw her suffering in 2020 and decided to just pile onto that and fire her? Makes sense, Andy.


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Andy said, “Now this there’s a whole controversy online about her business. That’s going on now. Well, well, I just want to, I want to say people are speculating that the online chatter about her business led to her dismissal. And I just want to say, because I think it’s important that one had absolutely nothing to do with the other.” Really? You’re not going to take a stand against this program that could have profound medical and psychological effects on people’s lives? Once again, I’m giving Andy the side eye. Just when I thought the Bravo network may have been doing the right thing, that is apparently not a motivating factor here.

Andy claimed, “And I actually would have liked to see her respond to her critics on the show. Yeah. Like I, I, I would have liked to have seen that.” Then, why did you fire her, Andy? He just seems fake AF pretending that he wanted to see her on the show when he could have kept her in the cast.


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Andy said he didn’t know anything about Teddi’s business, but he did mention that Jeff Lewis and his team participated at some point. “I think they said they were hungry, but, um, he said that that, that program taught him how to order food in restaurants,” Andy shared.

Andy concluded, “So I don’t know, I’ve never done it. I don’t know anything about it. Um, but I did just want to clear that up. And of course I wish her well and I like, I liked that announcement.” So, maybe you just shouldn’t speak on something you know nothing about, especially given the sensitive subject matter. And, oh yeah, the many screenshots holding Teddi’s program accountable.


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The timing is just all a little suspect though. Teddi has been answering questions about next season and making her casting predictions in Instagram Stories, clearly thinking she would be on the show. Now, all of a sudden, soon after this controversy, she gets fired. Tell me that’s somehow a coincidence. Oh, wait. That is what Andy said. Suspect, much?


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