Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

As Decision Day quickly approaches, the Married At First Sight  couples meet with trusted friends and family to discuss concerns about their spouses.  New problems arise for some, as they spend what could be their last night together as husband and wife. I hope some of these people are ready to get back on Tinder very soon. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be some future divorces.

Amelia makes a confession about why she signed up to be Married At First Sight. Miles starts to doubt whether Karen has the ability to be in an intimate relationship of any kind. Olivia and Brett reveal their decision to part to their friends. Henry discloses Christina tried to blackmail him. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

Amani admits she and Woody have fallen in love to her friend. Not only is he her husband, she feels they are becoming best friends. Her only complaint is his attention span during conversations. Otherwise, she isn’t particularly worried about decision day. Woody speaks to his grandmother about his marriage. Although he believes that things are going well, he still wants her stamp of approval. His grandmother reminds him to be consistent, respectful and most of all pay attention to his wife. Apparently, Woody doesn’t just zone out on his conversations with Amani.

Woody takes Amani on a romantic date where he declares he can’t see his life without her. This was soooo sweet. They are hands down my favorite couple of the season! Later, Amani is concerned when Woody tells her if she decides to leave, he may flip over a couch. He would not take it well if he is completely surprised on decision day. This is a red flag to Amani. She feels like she may have just seen a glimpse at a different side of her husband. Well, he did admit once upon a time, he had a bad temper. I think more than anything his feelings would be deeply hurt.

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

Bennett is hit with some tough questions about his relationship when he meets with two of his friends. One question in particular that has him stumbling over his words is whether he truly knows his wife, Amelia. His friend points out you really don’t know someone without having faced any adversity. Things are fun and easy right now, but that might soon change when Amelia starts her new job in Virginia. Amelia and Bennett are still in the honeymoon phase right now. I don’t know that they will have the same relationship, when he is left home all day with no one to depend on but her. I enjoy this couple’s quirky banter, but let’s be real, they primarily only have superficial conversations. Amelia takes a different approach and reaches out to a witch to find out about her future with Bennett. She is told the most basic information that could apply to anyone. The only thing magical about that reading is when she disappeared from the video call abruptly.

Amelia and Bennett have one of their typical colorful dinners complete with costumes. This will be their last dinner, before decision day. Amelia admits she wasn’t ready to be married. She just thought it would be fun to be on a reality show Umm… I’m not sure that was a wise thing to say when you have asked someone to move to another state to be with you. Even Bennett is taken aback by this revelation. He is visibly upset, during the conversation. Now he is starting to question if things will change once the cameras aren’t present anymore.

Karen & Miles

 Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

Miles opens up to one his best friends about his struggles thus far with Karen. His main concern is his wife’s lack of affection and understanding of his needs. Although he is still unsure of decision, he does believe Karen has many great attributes. But as we all have seen, the chemistry just isn’t there. Miles would truly be taking a huge risk staying married with the hopes that things may change in the future. Frankly, I don’t believe Karen is going to change. She literally has to be scolded in order to put forth the smallest effort. She just isn’t that into him.

Karen meets with two of her friends to discuss her marriage. She once again questions whether Miles needs more from her. Ummm… yes! He and the experts have told you that a thousand times. One of her friends says she is willing to cater to her significant other’s love language, if she loves him. Obviously Karen doesn’t think that is necessary. She also doesn’t think Miles is capable of leading in their marriage. Sigh! Karen is always questioning his manhood and his needs. I just want them to break up. If she doesn’t want him, I’m quite sure there are a ton of women who do. I can only imagine the thirsty women that have flooded his DM’s.

I’m so sick of Karen I don’t know what to do. During dinner, she tells Miles she needs him to step up as a leader and her protector.  How about you step up first and act like you like this man. It’s hilarious she has all these needs, but she can’t seem to do anything he asks. Every time she wants a foot rub, he does it with no complaint. But she can’t even sit next to the man or give him a hug. Even Miles is sick of her nonsense. He wants to feel like he can be himself in his home with a mate who values him. I couldn’t imagine being judged constantly by someone who I married. Run, Miles!

Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

For some reason, Brett is still being featured after he decided to leave the experiment early. He meets with one of his friends and confesses that he and Olivia have split ways. But he wasn’t entirely honest. He made it seem like it was a mutual decision, which wasn’t the case. In a post interview, his friend admits that Brett can be closed minded and inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. You think???? Olivia reveals the news to one of her girlfriends. I was really disappointed to hear her say she thinks if she had been more intimate with Brett, things may have been different. Wow! If you ask me, you dodged a bullet, honey! She also says she would be willing to listen if Brett changed his mind.  Don’t ever accept subpar treatment, just to be in a relationship.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: Pack Your Bags

Christina meets with one of her friends to get advice about her marriage. The entire lunch she complains about how indifferent her Henry is towards her. What do you expect? You are a psychotic liar who is extremely inconsiderate. Meanwhile, Henry meets with his drunk friend, Kristin for another bash session. Apparently, crazy Christina threatened to release this gay rumor, if he didn’t “have her back.” WTF! Can we give this guy an award for not running away screaming yet? There is no way in hell I would stay under the same roof with someone as manipulative and irrational as her. I would be afraid I would wake up and she would be standing over me with a knife. I just can’t get over the fact this grown woman made up a whole story because her stranger spouse doesn’t appear interested. Next she will be contacting Amelia’s witch for a love spell.

Christina and Henry go to a restaurant for what I hope is their last meal together. Once again she plays victim and comes up with excuses for her bad behavior. Honey, it’s a little too late. That ship has sailed. She then fishes for compliments, to which he replies she writes letters well.  LMAO! Instead of realizing that he had nothing better to say, she begins crying like an attention seeking lunatic. In a post interview, Henry admits he had to hold back his laughter because they see things completely different. Yes, it’s called reality and delusion. Christina suggests counseling in the future. Insert side eye. Yes, I think that would definitely be appropriate. My only suggestion would be that instead of marital, it’s individual after your divorce, Christina.



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