Married At First Sight Recap- Season 12 Premiere: Countdown to Meltdown

One of reality TV’s most controversial dating shows, Married At First Sight is BACK!!! I must admit, I love this show! Where else can I put my warring personality traits of being jaded and hopeless romantic to good use? Ten crazy brave singles in Atlanta will meet their new stranger spouse for the first time at the altar. This season features a groom nearing forty and another groom who’s been divorced, which are two firsts for the show. Based on the trailer, fans should expect some explosive moments, including an altercation between two castmates, as well as a surprise pregnancy that blind- sides a couple.

Nerves are high as everyone prepares to marry a complete stranger.  The couples have just found out they are engaged and now only have less than two weeks until their wedding day. Each person reveals the shocking news to their family. This is a short time to convince your loved ones you are not completely insane. The participants will have to find a way to convince their guests to show up to a wedding that could end in divorce in a few months. I have a feeling this is going to be a entertaining ride. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Season 12 Premiere: Countdown to Meltdown

Briana Miles is a 28 year old engineer who is all in for being Married at First Sight. But, she has some very specific asks that she hopes the experts will take into account when choosing her soul mate. When she tells her friend she is engaged, she is happy, but she questions if Briana’s type A personality will inhibit her. Vincent Morales is a 27 year old, auto broker who has been hurt before, but is ready to find true love. He has learned what he wants to give a family through his experience with his own absentee father. He considers himself a very ambitious and wants a woman who is not only fun and loving, but willing to support him. His friends think he is 100% ready to be married, but know this type of relationship won’t come without challenges.

At the bachelor party, Vincent somewhat surprised me. When we met him earlier, he had the perfect speech on why he wanted to get married. But at the party, he was the only groom who was flirting with one of the strippers. Ugh… I had high hopes for him. Hopefully, it was a momentary lapse of judgment because he hasn’t actually met his fiancé yet. If not, he better get his act together, I have a feeling Briana isn’t going to be one to play games.

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 12 Premiere: Countdown to Meltdown

Virginia, 26, works for a marketing agency and hasn’t been lucky in love. She has a history of self- sabotage in relationships that she credits to her parent’s divorce at a young age. After being single for 5 years, she’s finally ready to settle down. But her dad is not a fan of giving his daughter’s hand to a stranger. He insinuates he may not show up to the wedding, but may opt to watch it on television. 34-year-old, divorcee, Erik Blake is a pilot and hasn’t had much luck either due to his job. Now that he feels he has accomplished his career goals, he wants to start a family. When he meets with his traditional mother to share the news, she is shocked and concerned, to say the least.  She even tells him that there is more to marriage than saying “I love you.” Her response is interesting given this isn’t his first rodeo at the altar and his age. But, it may just be she wants her son not to make another mistake that results in a divorce.

Virginia is brought to tears when her step-mother surprises her while looking for wedding dresses. Considering her father doesn’t want anything to do with her wedding, she is elated to see someone in her family. Later at her bachelorette party, she lets loose and gets so wasted that she spends most of her night puking in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Erik speaks about his conservative values and hopes his wife shares them at his bachelor party. Well, Erik, I hate to tell you this, but you may be disappointed. I will give her the benefit of the doubt, she may just be nervous. Either way, these two don’t scream love match to me.


Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 12 Premiere: Countdown to Meltdown

Paige Banks, 26, comes from a family of failed marriages and she is determined to break the curse.  She is a homeowner with a career as a realtor and is ready for the next steps of her life, namely children. When she tells her family, they appeal to her to really think about challenges of a marriage of this kind. Chris, 27, is a restaurant owner who has worked his way up from the bottom to become a success. He comes from a religious background and believes this opportunity was sent from God. But… he has been engaged twice and his last relationship just ended 3 months ago! Insert side eye! The experts totally set Paige up with this one. Why the hell would you choose someone who JUST got out of a relationship and has a history of failed engagements? I won’t give any spoilers in this article for those who want to follow the nature course of the show, but based on the trailer there is a bombshell no one saw coming.

I already dislike Chris; he comes across as very arrogant. Upon first meeting his male castmates, he has the nerve to ask them how they would react if their wives are “ugly.” WTH! Umm… has he looked in the mirror? He is a far cry from the most attractive man in Atlanta. The other guys are even taken aback by his lack of tact. This guy clearly just wants to be on television. Listening to him constantly try to explain the timeline of his previous engagement, seems like an obvious attempt at damage control to me.

The Chris show continues when he meets with his “pastor.” Instead of counsel, it seems like the only thing he accomplishes is stroking his own ego. Meanwhile, Paige is definitely proving that she checks off Chris’s request for a “freak” in the bedroom. While meeting with the other ladies, she has no issue talking about all the things she likes and even reveals her disdain for condoms. But, she makes it clear, if her husband wants to see that side of her, he has to provide his STD test results.

Chris has some of the men annoyed by his tardiness at the group bachelor party. But when he arrives he definitely makes an entrance.  He brought a blow up doll as his plus one. While some guys thought it was funny, most think it is in poor taste. Later after dancing with his plastic date, he talks about religion and how he has no intention of having sex on his honeymoon. Sorry, I am not buying it. Most of the show he has talked about sex. I think he wants to create this perfect image of himself, but is failing miserably.

Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 12 Premiere: Countdown to Meltdown

28 year old, Haley Harris, hasn’t been in a serious relationship in 7 years. She has only had two serious relationships in her lifetime.  The last ended with her ex getting another woman pregnant. As a result, she has trust issues, but she’s ready to trust the experts and find happiness. When she tells her friends, they don’t believe her and laugh. Although they aren’t sure she is ready, they are happy she is has the opportunity to be the bride and not the bridesmaid, for the first time. Jacob Carter, 38, is a self-proclaimed nerd who is tired of dating. He wants marriage and kids, before he hits 40. Now that the clock is quickly running out to achieve his goal, he’s ready to give himself a chance at love. His friends are surprised, but they are ultimately supportive.


Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 12 Premiere: Countdown to Meltdown

At 27, Clara, flight attendant is tired of going on terrible first dates with losers.  For her, the risk of marrying a stranger outweighs being alone. Her friends just want her to meet a good guy. Her soon-to-be husband, Ryan, is 29 year old who considers himself a “calculated and routine” person. Although he grew up surrounded by love, he has yet to use those words in a relationship. His parents have been married for more than 30 years and hopes he can find someone to build a future with. If I am being honest, I’m struggling to see why these two were matched, based on first impressions. Ryan seems ruled by routine, while Clara seems like the total opposite. I’m sorry, them both being from close knit families is not a good enough reason for them to be married. Also, Ryan’s hair has to go. That heavily gelled landing strip of hair on a mostly bald head, is not cute.

Clara and Ryan are the first couple to get Married At First Sight. As they both get ready with their friends and family, they both seem calm. Ryan sends his bride a thoughtful note and gift that brings her to tears. He also opts for them both to be blindfolded and hold hands to form a physical connection before they actually see one another. This is very romantic, but probably the last thing a woman wants to do after getting their makeup professionally done.  In fact, the gesture makes her even more nervous to meet him. Clara begins to panic about her gown and how she looks on her wedding day. The episode ends just as the blindfolds are being removed. Ugh, talk about leaving on a cliff hanger!  After that freak out, I am dying to see their reactions to one another.


Early Predictions: Chris is a jerk and he and Paige are headed for divorce. I don’t see Clara and Ryan working out. She has a tendency to self- sabotage and is slightly insecure and he values the predictable. Virginia and Erik may be too different to make this work. I need to observe her when she isn’t drunk to be fully sure though.



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