Married At First Sight Recap- Last Night Was Magic

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight  was A LOT!!!! I am emotionally drained and all I did was sit here and watch. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for a while, they do!  I just shook my head, as I watched the crazy unfold.

On their Las Vegas honeymoon, the newlyweds learn more about their spouses.  One couple deals with a secret that threatens to destroy their marriage. Personally, I don’t think much groundwork was laid in three days, but the news is definitely explosive! This probably one of the worst situations that has occurred on Married At First Sight.  Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Last Night Was Magic

In a tense standoff in the hallway, the producers plead with Chris to tell Paige the devastating news he revealed to them. But he refuses to tell her whatever he is hiding. At breakfast when Chris is noticeably quiet, Paige realizes something is off. She tries to inquire about what is going on, but Chris only shares he has received some unsettling news. When pressed, he declines to share anything more. Frustrated that her HUSBAND is okay with keeping secrets from her, she storms from their hotel room. She begs the producers to explain what is going on, to no avail.  Sigh! I blame production for all that is Chris. There is no way this guy was vetted and they thought he was marriage material. Paige returns begging Chris to just tell her. He then pulls her in a bathroom and asks that she take off her mic, before he confesses his secret. He emerges first and shortly after, she leaves the room visibly shaken. SMH! I feel so bad for her. To place your hopes and dreams into a process only for it to crumble so quickly has to be demoralizing.

Paige confides in one of the other brides, Briana about the state of her marriage. She confesses that Chris’ ex fiancé, the one he kept talking about, is PREGNANT! Meanwhile, Chris talks to Vincent about the situation. He is wavering back and forth on whether he should be with his child’s mother or stay in his marriage. Paige is completely overwhelmed and doesn’t know if their relationship can withstand this. Insert side eye. Come on girl, he has known his ex for years and they are having a child. Paige, you on the other hand are the stranger wife he isn’t attracted to. Is anyone confused about where this is headed? They have only been married for a few days and there has been nothing, but drama. If I were Paige, I would take this as a sign that every red flag I already witnessed was a warning.

Chris and Paige sit down for an awkward dinner. He claims that he last had sex with his ex-fiancé 6 weeks ago. Paige is still confused and overwhelmed by the news. She admits if decision day was today, she would walk away. All of a sudden, his thoughts have changed and now he is attracted to Paige and she comes above everyone. Chile, please! She must be tired of being single, because despite everything she wants to continue with this farce.

You can cut the tension with a knife when Paige and Chris sit down with the other couples for drinks. Chris shocks everyone when he reveals the news when asked about his marriage. The group instantly supports Paige, much to Chris’ dismay. He excuses himself to go in a corner and cry. Sigh! Meanwhile, Paige explains how her faith and their discussion led her to stay in their marriage. When she goes to check on her husband, he is clearly upset. The last place he wants to be in listening to how happy everyone else is in their marriage. Nonetheless, they both return to the group.

Things get stressful when Virginia and Erik arrive late and make some triggering comments to Chris. Virginia implies the baby may not be Chris’ and Erik continues to talk about the topic, after being asked to change the subject. I have to admit that they were out of line. Clearly, this is a sensitive subject. There was no reason for them to be so vocal about someone else’s business. That was a conversation they should have had once they were alone, not in front of Paige and Chris. They both are literally sharing something very personal, the same day they found out with people they barely know.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Last Night Was Magic

Clara and Ryan are quickly realizing they are polar opposites.  He is perfectly fine with having the same routine every day, while his wife is admittedly more unpredictable. But the two seem to be enjoying their time getting to know one another. On a fun date out, they jump right into the kid’s conversation. But they have fundamental differences when it comes to religion and how that will play a role in raising a child. Ryan wants his children to know his faith, while Clara has other plans. Given that he comes from a family of ministers, this could very well be an issue. She also worries that Ryan isn’t ready to live with someone and share his space. He has mentioned several times how he likes things a particular way. I guess we will see how things go once they move in together.

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Last Night Was Magic

Thankfully Vincent’s grandmother is doing better after suffering a heart attack. After seeing how supportive his wife was during such a difficult time, he only likes her more. Later, after playing therapist, Briana and Vincent meet back in their room to discuss Chris and Paige. They both admit they would walk away. Briana is shocked that Paige is actually considering staying in the marriage. I’m shocked as well! I would have walked out of that room and never came back. The producers would have had to ship me my luggage. These two are just so cute. After having sex the night before, they have already advanced to calling each other pet names. Vincent even carries his new wife onto the beach for dinner.

Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Last Night Was Magic

I think there could be something here between these two, if we could only get past Jacob’s quirkiness. For a picky person like Haley, it has to be a feat to not completely write him off. I think if they weren’t married, she may have ran for the hills. At least he is full of interesting stories and facts. During a romantic dinner, we get to see a more serious side of Jacob. I wish the show would stop making it seem like he is so old, he is only 39. Erik seems way more mature, than him.

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Last Night Was Magic

I don’t care what anyone says, this was not a good match. Virginia and Erik literally have nothing in common. While at the pool, Erik reveals that he doesn’t believe men and women can be friends unless they are gay or already married to a friend. WTH! Umm, Erik, I don’t agree. I believe you can be friends with the opposite sex, but you should work to make sure your partner is comfortable with the relationship.

Erik plans a romantic dinner for Virginia. The two talk more about how their day to day will look, once they settle into their lives. She worries that their lifestyles may not mesh together. Erik is a pilot and will be away from home, at least 15 days of every month.  He understands it can be challenging, but doesn’t want to waste time if a person can’t deal with his schedule. Well he pretty much shut down all of her concerns with that statement. I can’t wait to see what happens, when these two move in together. His schedule combined with all of their other differences, should make for some interesting situations.



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