Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

Whew! Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight  was filled with drama. It’s only day four of the honeymoon and this season has been a three ring circus. There was everything from shade, confrontations, runaway wives and hard truths.  Just when you think you know what direction things are going, there is a sharp turn. I love it!

The Vegas honeymoon continues for the newly married couples.  An unexpected shock, leads to a major blowup. Some of the couples begin to see major differences that they are not sure are sustainable for the future. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

Both Haley and Jacob are both aware of their different personality and communication styles. He is a loner, where his wife is much more social. But apparently, Jacob feels like his wife is willing to open up to everyone but him.. Although they have had sex, t he feels like she isn’t very receptive to affection. Haley immediately looks uncomfortable with the conversation and just says she is trying to get there. Sigh! Girl, you are going to have to at least give the man a clue. Later, Jacob attempts once again to find out how to connect to his wife.  Haley feels like something is missing, but isn’t sure how to communicate what it is. She is beginning to feel like Jacob is pressuring her to become a totally different person within a few days. Insert eye roll. I don’t think he is trying to change her; he just doesn’t want to be shut out. I’m not surprised, old habits are hard to kick. Honestly, she should thank her luck stars she was matched with someone who actually wants to be married given this cast of characters.

Things go from bad to worse when Haley tells Jacob she is going out with the girls for the night. Unfortunately, her plan wasn’t well thought out. When he goes downstairs to grab food from the casino, he sees her with all of the other couples. He then realizes that she just didn’t want to spend time with him. To add insult to injury, she runs when he heads their way. SMH…. Wow, that is extremely rude and immature. She should have just told him she needed a break. That is incredibly hurtful and I’m sure he won’t soon forget. She also put the other couples in an uncomfortable position.


Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

While hanging out with the other ladies, Paige reveals her true feelings about Chris having a child on the way. Obviously, she isn’t happy about it, but she wants to give her marriage a chance. In her mind, things can only get better from here. Insert side eye. Oh honey, things definitely could get worse with Chris. Meanwhile, he gives the guys an update about his marriage. Things get tense when an inebriated Erik tells Chris, “You need to man up.” I guess Erik didn’t get the memo the other night that Chris isn’t open to his advice or comments.  Although, I don’t think Erik means any offense, he clearly doesn’t understand the situation is fresh and he is virtually a stranger. Clearly, Chris regrets telling everyone and just wants everyone to ignore the elephant in the room. The producers had to have convinced him to tell the other couples. With the way he reacts, I don’t think he would have, if he had a choice.

Chris and Paige discuss life after the honeymoon and more red flags just keep popping up. When she asks him if he will be comfortable taking care of her dog, he basically tells her, that is her responsibility. She literally just agreed to be a step mom, but he can’t take her dog on a walk? Wow! To add insult to injury, he reiterates that she only makes a quarter of his income and that he doesn’t want joint accounts.  Now usually, I would say every marriage is different, some people like joint accounts and others don’t. But in this particular case, I see it as another example of him not wanting to truly incorporate her into his life. Let’s keep it real, there have been many signs that this marriage is doomed.

The group goes out for a fun day out with ATVs. Afterwards, Clara and Virginia take it upon themselves to pull Chris aside and inquire about his marriage. He immediately becomes defensive and reminds them he asked them repeatedly to mind their own business. He seems especially annoyed with Virginia, who made jokes about whether the child was his when he first revealed the situation. But when they continue to inquire and poke, Chris goes to war. He tells Virginia while she is worried about him; he is worried about her being drunk all the time. Okay, I had to laugh at that. What? I’m worried too! Honestly, I don’t blame Chris for getting upset. The ladies should not have engaged him. He doesn’t know them on that level and they have made it clear they only are supporting Paige. Obviously, he is still trying to adjust to the life altering news himself. But I wish he would have just ended the conversation and asked their husbands to ask them to not involve themselves. But… instead he had a tantrum that continued all the way back to the hotel.

Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

After the day from hell, everyone is forced to have dinner together. After an uncomfortable silence, Paige thanks everyone for their support. Chris uses that opening to apologize for his behavior, earlier. Things are civil until Erik and Virginia make an appearance. Erik sits down an immediately chastises Chris for being disrespectful to his wife. I find that ironic, he was standing there during the conversation with Virginia and he barely said a peep. I have no issue with him standing up for his wife, but they both need to know when to back off. Chris can’t contain his contempt and ends up snapping and ultimately has to be held back. At the end of the day, this is a lesson for everyone. Don’t reveal anything deeply personal and sensitive to people who are not a part of your support system. Also, when in doubt, mind your own business. Clearly the situation is horrible, but the women overstepped by addressing Chris about something he asked them to stop discussing. If they were concerned, they should have spoken with Paige directly.

Remember when I said things could get worse, I didn’t realize it would happen so quickly. Chris drops a second bomb on Paige when he reveals he is entertaining the idea of getting back with his ex. He even admits he still loves her. Sigh! I saw this coming, but clearly Paige didn’t. She actually believed him when he told her that she would come first and the marriage would be his priority. When she confronts him, he finds a way to turn the tables. She can’t be this naïve…  Chris is using her faith and desire to be married to manipulate her. Wake up Paige!

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

Well it looks like Virginia’s bad habits have worn off on her traditional husband, Erik. While out with the guys, it’s apparent that he is completely wasted. The guys can’t help but notice as he incoherently gushes about his marriage. Meanwhile, Virginia is actually sober while she shares her marital concerns with the other wives. Namely, the jealous tendencies Erik displayed when he found out that she not only has male friends, but hangs out with them from time to time. In an unseen clip, she seeks Clara’s advice about how to handle the situation.

Erik and Virginia are back in their hotel room and it honestly looks like they had a rave with all of the scattered alcohol bottles. Clearly, Erik has been trying to keep up with his young wife, but he quickly realizes he can’t continue. When he tells her he can’t continue in that direction, she reiterates that drinking is a part of her life. Insert side eye. Is this seriously a real conversation? Virginia clearly isn’t ready for marriage. If she thinks her friends and partying carry the same weight as her husband, she is in for a rude awakening. I’ll be here with my popcorn to watch this shit show unfold

The day after the dinner from hell, Virginia is still upset about the interaction with Chris. Erik has decided to completely wash his hands of him. They still don’t understand how their actions contributed to the fallout. Had they accepted accountability for their inappropriate comments and jokes, maybe things wouldn’t have escalated to this point. At least, Chris and Clara apologized for their actions. When someone is in emotional turmoil, be supportive or be quiet. Erik better buckle up, this isn’t the last altercation his immature is going to get him into.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

Clara and Ryan remind me of a bad rom com. The girl who falls hard and fast wants the unattainable guy who has never been in love to change for her. Although I am not sure of their ending, I can say that their story line is definitely a cliché. While having drinks with the other wives, Clara confesses she is concerned that Ryan has never been in love. But other than that, he checks every other box for her. I don’t think that is necessarily true. These two have some fundamental differences they will have to discuss, in order for this to work

After a disastrous dinner with the other couples, Ryan confronts Clara. Although she realizes that she needs to put her energy in her own marriage, he wants her to be more aware of the things she says. Clearly, he is referencing the whole blow up with Chris. Ryan would prefer his wife to stay out of drama. Clara’s chatty nature and penchant for giving advice may make that a difficult feat. I think if some of these couples put as much effort in their own marriage as they put on Paige and Chris, they may be happier.


Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Defending Your Wife

Briana’s bossy nature is starting to rear its ugly head. While getting ready for bed, she was giving Vincent directives like he was her child. Although he is extremely patient, it’s only a matter of time before he says something. She has to learn that she can’t completely control someone else. Vincent doesn’t want to ruin their momentum over a few annoyances. But make no mistake; it was clear he was annoyed. Personally, I would have let it be known from the beginning, she wasn’t going to be my boss. She better learn to compromise, if she wants to maintain a good relationship.  In a post interview, Vincent reveals after the cameras left he told Briana he felt she was being too assertive and disrespectful. The next day, after indoor sky diving, Briana brings up their conversation. Thankfully, she admits she needs to make some adjustments, so that he is comfortable. Now, Briana, I am rooting for you and Vincent. Don’t mess this up!





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