90 Day Fiance Recap: Tell All- Part 1

The 90 Day Fiance couples come together for the first time. Yara is upset to learn more about Jovi’s bachelor party. The real reason Mike was hesitant to marry Natalie is revealed. Amira refuses to speak to Andrew. Things definitely get spicy during the first installment of the Tell All.

Stephanie and Ryan are the only couple not present. But I’m sure she has better things to do like guzzle a bottle of wine, while talking to her psychic about Harris. The Tell All’s are my favorite part of the season. It doesn’t matter what we witnessed throughout the episodes, things are never as raw and uncut until the reunions. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Mike, 35 (Sequim, WA), and Natalie, 35 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tell All- Part 1

Very early on, it is apparent there is trouble in paradise. Mike arrives to the green room without Natalie and when questioned, he simply shrugs. She arrives shortly thereafter ringless and doesn’t acknowledge his presence. When they arrive on set, host admits that she is shocked that they are still together. Aren’t we all? As they are questioned about the state of their relationship, they play coy and refuse to answer direct questions about not arriving together. Sigh! Footage is then shown of the day the wedding was called off by Mike, as Natalie sits in tears. He tries to explain his state of mind that day, as everyone sits in shock. Later it is revealed the day before the wedding; Natalie believed he may have cheated when he disappeared for four hours and didn’t answer his phone. Well it does seem suspicious.

Later, Mike’s mother and neighbor weigh in on why he decided to call the wedding to Natalie off. His mom reveals that he called her days before the wedding intending to send Natalie back to Ukraine. If that is the case, why would he humiliate her the day of the wedding, if he knew ahead of time his decision? Mama Mike isn’t holding anything back, she is telling all of the sordid details. She even admits that called the neighbor and asked her to object at the new wedding. Wow! And people say Brandon’s mother is overbearing!

Jovi, 29 (New Orleans, LA), and Yara, 25 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tell All- Part 1

Jovi and Yara discuss their road to marriage and parenthood. Jovi is has traded in his partying ways, for a time with his daughter and wife. Yara gushes that she loves him even more because of how he loves their child. But, when she sees footage of the bachelor party for the first time, things go downhill quickly. Jovi claims that all he did was get a private dance when he went upstairs with the stripper. Then footage is shown of him revealing he has slept with exotic dancers in the past, when he fails a lie detector test on 90 Day Bares All. Yara is totally unprepared for all of the secrets she is learning and is visibly furious.

Brandon, 27 (Dinwiddie, VA), and Julia, 26 (Russia)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tell All- Part 1

Brandon and Julia happily married, but unfortunately they are still living in his parent’s house. Brandon reveals he was trying to accommodate her wishes, but apparently the apartment he could afford wasn’t up to par for his wife. Shortly after, Brandon’s parents enter the discussion to defend their behavior over the course of the season. I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t live and eat for free and expect to do nothing in return.  If you don’t want to live by anyone else’s rules, get your own place to live. Although Julia complained all season about taking care of the farm animals, we find out that she chose to take over Brandon’s chores, so he could spend time with her instead.

Rebecca, 49 (Woodstock, GA), and Zied, 27 (Tunisia)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tell All- Part 1

In an effort to get rid of the evidence of their 21 year age difference, Rebecca Botox, lip injections, lipo and a tummy tuck. When the host asks Zied if he wanted her to look younger, he simply says “yes.” I’m sorry, I had to laugh. This man doesn’t know how to sugar coat anything. Rebecca just screams insecurity. For someone her age, she is very immature in the way she handles things. She proceed to tell a story about a fight that she and Zied had before their wedding that was so petty, it was ridiculous. She also still is upset about her daughter’s friend offering to help Zied move with her family’s truck. Newsflash, I don’t think women are falling over themselves for your man. He may be everything to you, but many women wouldn’t look at him and those too tight skinny jeans twice.

Andrew, 32 (Roseville, CA), and Amira, 28 (France)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tell All- Part 1

Andrew is asked to leave the set after Amira requests not to have to see or talk to him, while she appears on video. He becomes irate and storms out when he realizes he isn’t going to be able to engage with her. Bye! I don’t know what is going on, but she has looked like a librarian the entire season and now she has much more sexy look. She vows to never let Andrew control her ever again. Hmm…something tells me this is going to get interesting.



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