Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life Starts Now

Tonight get ready for the Decision Day drama!!!  The journey for five couples who were Married At First Sight comes to an unforgettable conclusion.  Some will stay together, others will choose divorce. One will even refuse to decide.

I have to say, this is the most annoyed and vocal I have ever seen the experts. They seemed to be just as over the drama as the viewers. But not only do they express their opinion, in one instance they attempt to sway a decision. I can’t wait until the reunion. I have a feeling there are going to be some juicy updates. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life Starts Now

Clara is so nervous it looks like she broke out in hives on her neck. We all know those aren’t hickeys, given her blatant sexual frustration. This may not be a popular opinion, but I find it very annoying that they pretend they have a perfect marriage. Ryan may be Clara’s best relationship, but that doesn’t make him perfect for her. But as predicted, Clara wants to stay married. Ryan however, begins rambling, only to tell her he also wants to stay together. Does a producer stand in the background telling them to stall to keep us in suspense? I definitely need an update within six months. I need to know if Ryan will drop the “L” word and if he will fulfill Clara’s sexual needs anytime soon.


Haley and Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life Starts Now

Next in the hot seat are Haley and Jacob. These two have literally had one of the most tumultuous relationships this season. Although they seemed to be getting along better towards the end of the experiment, I don’t think it’s enough for them to stay together. Let’s face it, there was zero chemistry between these two. In fact, most times I felt awkward just watching them.

When Haley arrives she is in an unusually good mood. Could it be because she will finally get her life back? They both admit that they learned a lot about themselves throughout this experiment.  Well, that excited feeling didn’t last long. Shortly after sitting down and talking about their challenges, they begin to argue. The experts then hit them with a curve ball, asking Jacob whether he would stay if Haley wanted to do so. He doesn’t take the bait and opts for a divorce. Haley agrees that is the best course of action. I think we can all agree to that!

Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life Starts Now

For some reason, the show decided to subject us to Paige and Chris once again. This is like the never ending toxic story. Didn’t they decide to get a divorce four weeks ago? Honestly, I just want them both to exit stage left and never come back. They both have deep seated issues that are exacerbated by their insecurities and need for attention. Paige, I hope you seek some counseling as soon as possible. The way she has allowed Chris to treat her after only knowing him for a month is unbelievable.

As usual, Chris’ bullshit meter is at an all-time high. He begins talking to the experts as if they didn’t witness all of the despicable things he has done this season. They even ask Paige why she kept going back to him over and over. She admits that she got lost in the process and didn’t value herself. Duh! Chris then begins his manipulative antics and says Paige was the wife he needs. He reveals his ex, Mercedes had a miscarriage. He even starts crying and runs out of the studio. Of course, Paige runs after him. SMH… I am truly sorry for Mercedes and his loss.  But there would be no way in hell, that I would be his rebound afterwards.

Paige finally finds him hiding from the cameras in his car. Chris is emotional and profusely apologizes for his behavior. Insert side eye here.  If I were her, I would accept the apology and close this chapter of her life. I actually found it funny as they were walking in from outside, Chris asks if she is cold. Paige says she is freezing, but he waits until they get INSIDE to give her his jacket. This guy has not changed; he is still the same selfish guy as before.

Pastor Calvin Roberson isn’t buying any of Chris’ bullshit. He points out that they had numerous issues before he found out he had a child on the way. Paige literally is melting from the small amount of attention this jerk is giving her. When Chris refuses to give a decision the experts are visibly annoyed. He even answers for Paige and says she is undecided, as well. When the experts basically let her know they don’t understand why she would want to stay, she has an emotional breakdown. She speaks with a producer and takes a break. When she returns, she seems to have regained some sense. She decides NOT to stay married, for her own mental health. Chris is shocked and confused. I still believe they are going to continue to talk after this. She was way too eager to go back to him after everything he has done.


Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life Starts Now

Am I the only one who hopes that Virginia and Erik don’t stay together? I don’t believe they will make that decision, but I am secretly hoping they do. All of their constant bickering will drive a person to drink. With the way Virginia drinks, she doesn’t need anything to tip the scale. Erik sits down and immediately begins to talk about their issues. He clearly wants to be his wife’s first priority and he simply isn’t, right now. Despite all their ups and downs, he wants to stay married. He then gets on one knee and proposes before Virginia has a chance to give her decision. She of course happily accepts a life full of arguing over everything.


Briana & Vincent

Married At First Sight Recap- Real Life Starts Now

Briana and Vincent have been my favorite couple of the season. They definitely had some growing pains, but I believe their highs outweigh their lows. If they can both learn to compromise and get out of their own way, they will have a great marriage.

When they walk in to meet the experts they look like a million bucks. But things take a turn, when Vincent mentions that Briana can be rude and a little too direct. This is something that Briana has been struggling with. She worries if her husband will be able to fully accept her personality. Nonetheless, she decides she would rather take that risk, than to be away from the man she loves. Vincent in return gets on one knee to propose with a cheesecake. Yay! I love them. This is one couple that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.  I’m glad things everything worked out.  I would have been heartbroken, if they got a divorce. Well, when I say heartbroken, I mean disappointed until something quickly distracted me.



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