Married At First Sight Recap- Reunion Part 1

We watched ten crazy brave singles in Atlanta get Married At First Sight to their stranger spouse. Two couples got a divorce, while three stayed together. But their journeys didn’t end there. In fact, it looks like things have really just begun for most.

The host, Kevin Frazier is joined by the five couples to discuss their current relationships. They each reveal their plans for the future, and settle scores from their past. I’m ready to dive into all the juicy details. Stay tuned next week for Part 2. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Reunion Part 1

Let’s face it; Virginia and Erik were a train wreck. But somehow, someway they thrived, despite their ups and down. For anyone who doubted their love, they are still married. Virginia actually moved into the condo, animals and all. In never before seen footage, we learn that the wedding almost didn’t happen. Virginia had a false positive Covid test, right before walking down the aisle.

I found it interesting Virginia claims that her drinking and going out with friends was never an issue. Umm… did we not hear Erik complaining about that the entire season? Thankfully, they watched the episodes and were able to self-reflect and continue to work on their issues. All in all, they seem to be doing well now. To drive the point home, Erik’s mother comes on stage to gush about her daughter-in-law.


Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Reunion Part 1

When we last left Clara and Ryan they decided to stay married. I am especially looking forward to an update on these two, for very obvious reasons. Throughout the season, they tried to convince everyone their relationship was perfect, despite some pretty obvious issues. Despite the naysayers, they are still married. Ryan still hasn’t told his wife he loves her. But when pressed by the host, he confesses that he does. Sigh! I’m sure that isn’t the way Clara imagined hearing those long awaited words. Later when asked about whether they have had sex, both refuse to answer. Insert side eye here. I’m guessing they still haven’t done the deed. They both looked extremely uncomfortable, when that topic came up. I’m sure if Clara was having sex, she would have been smiling from ear to ear. Ryan may not have been working on his moves with his wife, but he definitely has put some effort into his new mustache. In happier news, they have decided to renew their vows and celebrate with all of their friends and family.


Briana & Vincent

Married At First Sight Recap- Reunion Part 1

I’m sure no one is shocked that the season sweethearts, Briana and Vincent are still happily married. Although they had some growing pains early on, this couple was my favorite. Surprisingly, she moved into Vincent’s apartment and they are learning to compromise in small space. But they are aiming their sights even higher by making plan s to  buy a house and have kids in the future. Vincent confesses that he had a lot of anxiety throughout the season and feels that he overreacted at times.

Paige & Chris


Married At First Sight Recap- Reunion Part 1

Who could forget Paige and Chris? These two literally took us on an emotional rollercoaster, all season. After Chris tried to manipulate his wife on decision day, she ultimately decided to get a divorce. But despite all of that, they went to marriage counseling for a little while. Chris admits they are no longer together because he is too immature. Duh! That is exactly the reason I didn’t understand her giving him chance after chance. Production then gets shady! A clip is played of Chris speaking about how he isn’t attracted to Paige’s face.  SMH! In response, he apologizes profusely, while Paige sits uncomfortably. This is so awkward.

Chris is questioned about his relationship with his ex, Mercedes. He refuses to go into detail or reveal whether she still has the car he bought. Insert side eye. This guy is ridiculous. Paige confesses she questioned whether she was even pregnant. She never saw any proof throughout their marriage. She definitely wasn’t the only one that wasn’t buying the timeline.

Things get interesting when Chris’ messy ex pastor and friend comes out to give his perspective. Chris is still furious that he reached out to Paige to discuss him behind his back on camera. As much as I don’t like him, I can understand why that would bother him. When both begin to feel disrespected, Chris flips out. After a shouting match ensues, Chris challenges him to a fight in the parking lot and then storms off.  Well I guess we can safely say that Chris hasn’t changed one bit.




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