Cara Maria Sorbello Denies She’s Retiring From The Challenge After Mentioning “Retirement” On Social Media

MTV’s The Challenge is one of my all time favorite shows. Not just reality shows but shows in general. I watched faithfully every week from the very beginning (showing my age here, guys). And quarantine boredom made me go back and watch every single season all over again. Don’t judge me, quarantine has been loooong.

Cara Maria Sorbello has been a staple of The Challenge for years. I admit that I started my journey absolutely loving her. She was a scrappy underdog, being thrown into elimination after elimination and always coming out on top. Cara Maria was also a loner and incessantly picked on. Who could forget Wes Bergmann infamously dumping a bottle of soda on her head? I was firmly in her corner. Seasons went on, but Cara Maria turned into someone I stopped rooting for. The turning point was really her “relationship” with castmate Kyle Christie, with whom she had a brief fling with. Despite eventually moving on to Paulie Calafiore, Cara never seemed to let it go. And her game and relationships just got more vindictive. Which I guess is a good thing if you’re on The Challenge. But maybe not so good for viewers like me.

After winning $600K in prize money, Cara Maria stopped showing up and we were left to wonder if she would ever come back. She seemed to confirm this in a recent Instagram post. Her post read, “Here she is. The only acceptable ‘new face’ of The Challenge.” She then shared a picture of co-star Kam Williams. She continued, “I didn’t get an official retirement goodbye or a chance to pass the crown. But…she didn’t need it passed. She walked in with it. Long live the queen. @IAmKamiam_ Keep doing amazing things. I will always root for you.”

So fans assumed that was goodbye. But now Cara Maria is clarifying, telling E! News, “In short: I am not retiring. The post was sparked from visiting home and reading old diaries from the beginning of my Challenge journey. I was reminiscing and my heart was heavy over the loss of my Garnett [her horse]. She was a huge part of keeping my spirit alive during my Challenge career on and off the field.” But for the record, you actually used the word “retiremnent.” But ok.

Cara went on to say, “The post about passing the crown to Kam was simply me stating who I root for when I am not there (and even when I am there!). Right now, I am focusing on my photography and events company.” Is anyone else confused by this?

But she is still looking towards the future. She shared, “I would never voluntarily leave the way things ended on War of the Worlds 2Not going back to fight the way that the fans know and love me for would be a loss for the show and a slap in the face to those who stayed loyal by my side.” LIKE ME, CARA.

Cara concluded, “In the end, I wouldn’t announce my retirement from something that had such a huge impact on my life for so many years with an IG Story. I still got fight in me, and [host] T.J. Lavin hates quitters. When the time does come…you’ll 100 percent know. But three wins isn’t enough for me. Sorry to disappoint the fans of the cast mates who have finally made finals with me gone. But it ain’t over yet.”

Despite my feelings for Cara Maria in the end, I’m thrilled to hear this news. She’s been a staple of the show for so long and she’s a great competitor. It also helps that she brings the drama. I’m looking forward to her return, whenever that may be.


[Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage]