90 Day Fiance Star Geoffrey Paschel Was Convicted Of Aggravated Kidnapping And Domestic Assault

If you think back on all of the couples in 90 Day Fiance history, you’ll probably remember the unconventional cast member Geoffrey Paschel. Geoffrey was on the show as a seemingly normal guy who found love with a Russian woman, Varya Malina. Their story was tumultuous on screen, and even more crazy behind-the-scenes.

Geoffrey’s departure from 90 Day Fiance was weird, as was the majority of his relationship with Varya. There was an online petition calling for his removal from the show following a boatload of bad allegations made waves on the internet. He also made some pretty imaginative statements about his dating history that are questionable in my opinion. But more recently, according to Radar Online, he found himself in the courtroom facing multiple criminal charges for domestic violence.

Geoffrey was convicted after a two-day trial in Knox County, Tennessee of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, and interference with emergency calls. His ex-fiance Kristen Wilson accused him of being violent against her back in June 2019. Kristen alleges that her ex grabbed her by the neck, slammed her head against the wall, threw her on the ground, took her cellphone, and held her hostage in a home. The police arrived on the scene after Geoffrey fell asleep and Kristen could escape to a neighbors house.


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Kristen says that he was “beating” her in her emotional testimony to the court. “He had me by the back of my head and was hitting my face into the floor and I was screaming for him to stop. From there, he dragged me up the stairs,” she added. Absolutely horrific to hear.

Geoffrey disputes Kristen’s claims, alleging that she ran into the door while leaving her house after confronting him for thinking he was with another woman. Kristen received medical attention at a hospital after police arrived on the scene.

The judge booked Geoffrey directly into county jail while he waits for his official sentencing, which is set to take place in December. Geoffrey has a criminal history, including drug trafficking, so he will likely see 12-20 years in prison without parole, according to the prosecutor.

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