Married At First Sight Recap: Down And Dirty Decision Day

After eight weeks of working on their marriages, it’s Decision Day for the five Married At First Sight couples. They must now decide once and for all, whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. For some, it’s not as easy as they thought it would be.  Many spouses in this episode are clearly trying to save face. After watching this episode, I am even more excited for the reunion. There is definitely going to be some juicy revelations.

After each spouse has a night alone to mull over their future, they will have to meet and relay their decision. Is anyone else as frazzled as I am? I am literally on the edge of my seat. I think this is the first season where I genuinely have NO IDEA what is going to happen for most. The drama, the suspense, the need for wine! After watching the couple’s ups and downs over the last few months, I am totally invested. On a side note, what in the yabba dabba doo is Dr. Viviana Coles wearing? I am not feeling the modern Flintstones dress at all. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Myrla & Gil

Despite Myrla’s initial reluctance to be physically intimate, two weeks before decision day, she and Gil consummate their marriage. We have watched these two seemingly different individuals get along well, regardless of their numerous differences. One of their main issues throughout the season has been their views on money and her tendency to be negative. Gil is a simple guy, while his wife is all about having a luxury lifestyle. He has asked her to consider dialing back her spending habits, so that they can plan for the future. Myrla on the other hand has been quite reluctant to give up any of the things she enjoyed while single. Surprisingly, in spite of all of their struggles, they both choose love. I am actually happy about this decision. Although, I didn’t understand this match initially, no one can deny their chemistry.  I think Myrla is more willing to change, than she may have led on.

Bao & Johnny

Johnny and Bao have been one of the most contemptuous couples this season. Personally, I believe he has been looking for an out for quite some time. Despite all of their obstacles, to Bao’s credit, she remained cautiously optimistic. I have to admit, I would have been out the door while ago. But, every time I thought they were down for the count, there was always a small ray of hope. Decision day should be very interesting. Bao has previously said she is open to staying married, but if Johnny says no, she is done.

When Bao arrives she is positive and feels they have had more ups than downs in their marriage. Unlike his wife, Johnny wishes they had more happy times and pats himself on the back for not running. Excuse me? Even Bao had to jump in and disagree, she, like most viewers witnessed him run on numerous occasions. When the experts inquire on why he reached out to Bao’s best friend about their marriage, he apologizes. At least, he finally realizes he crossed a boundary. Shockingly, Johnny decides to give his marriage a chance, independent of the show.  In a last minute, savage move, Bao decides to get a divorce. She lists the lack of love and support as her reasoning. Johnny is visibly shocked, but ultimately I believe she made the right decision. Honestly, I hope he looks at how he treated his wife this season and learns from this experience.

Brett & Ryan

Brett and Ryan never seemed to make it past the friend zone. It was clear from the beginning they had much different lifestyles, but initially they seemed open. After the honeymoon, Ryan began to distance himself from his marriage. So much so, he slept in a different bedroom and created a profile on a dating app. I really hope Brett is strong and gives him a piece of her mind, during the decision day meeting.

When Brett arrives she is her usual bubbly self and looks great in her sparkly dress. Ryan is full of BS, as usual.  He is acting as if he took his marriage seriously, when he talks about their good times. Dr. Pepper Schwartz isn’t having it. She immediately calls him out for using a dating app while he was still married. Bingo!!! He apologizes and claims it was never his intention. Ummm… what? Whose intention was it? He downloaded the app and matched with someone while married. He excuses his behavior by saying they didn’t have any chemistry. SMH… Ryan definitely was not ready to be married or participate in this type of show. I am confused as to why he was even picked for the cast. Ultimately they both chose to get a divorce. I’m sure that isn’t a shock to anyone, especially them. I hope Brett finds a man who truly appreciates her.

Michaela & Zack

Michaela and Zack have been one of the most explosive couples of the season. He chooses to reads a letter to his wife thanking her for loving him and admits he loves her, as well. He claims she is the most amazing woman next to his mother. Dr. Viviana says what most people are thinking. He is sitting there gushing, but his words don’t line up with what we have witnessed. Zach admits he doubted his wife, but has learned through her actions that she cares. Michaela admits her reactions haven’t always been the best, but she has learned to communicate because of him. Unsurprisingly, she wants to stay married, while he wants a divorce. I knew all of these positive comments were not leading to a happy ending.

Throughout the season, Zack has been giving Michaela mixed signals. He claims he wants to divorce the last eight weeks and the only way to do that is to get a real divorce. Huh? But he wants to see where things can go. WTF is he talking about? Pastor Calvin Roberson has to explain how his response isn’t going to be received in a positive way. Zack clearly wants his cake and to eat it too. Hopefully Michaela realizes she deserves a man who knows he wants to stay. I believe Zack wants to appear to be the good guy, rather than just be honest. If he wanted to stay married and really felt the things he said, he would have done that. Don’t be naïve Michaela; he’s just not that into you!

Rachel & Jose

I am very interested in finding out the conclusion to Jose and Rachel’s love story. In the beginning, these two were the model couple.  But we quickly began to see the cracks in their foundation. Jose is a planner who is controlling by nature and may have some anger issues. Whereas his wife, Rachel is independent woman who demands respect and loves to travel. After she accidentally called him another male cast member’s name, we all saw a very dark side of him. Since then, he has been on his best behavior, but Rachel still worries about whether history will repeat itself. Meanwhile he is concerned that she may leave if she gets upset. In the end, they both decide to remain married. Hopefully they will learn to compromise and grow as a couple.



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