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Meghan King Confirms Split From Joe Biden’s Nephew Cuffe Owens After 2 Months Of Marriage

Meghan King is back on the market. After only a few short months of (surprise) marriage to Cuffe Owens, the two have called it quits. Meghan introduced us to Cuffe, who is a lawyer and more notably, President Joe Biden’s nephew, back in September. At the time, she kept it short and sweet and posted a pic of them to her Instagram with the caption, “Trying my best to avoid any cheesy introductions like ‘my main squeeze’ … so just meet my man.” The Real Housewives of Orange County star and “her man” quickly wed on October 11th after 3 weeks of dating.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last much longer than the time they spent dating. Many fans noticed that Meghan spent the holidays posting photos without him. Then a source claimed that Meghan told friends they broke up. It didn’t take her long to confirm that the rumor was true. As reported by Us Weekly, Meghan once again took to social media to announce the status of her relationship. She shared in her Instagram Stories, “I am rattled. This situation is profoundly devastating.”

Meghan continued, “This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows — and I’m shocked and saddened by the way things turned out. I am moving forward with my children as we privately process our pain and begin to let go of shattered dreams. At this time I ask for your grace and gentle kindness as I navigate this labyrinth of grief with my family.”

Right before the split, fans also got suspicious when Meghan removed his last name on her Instagram handle. She has returned to her maiden name but her bio still reads “wife.”

This is a far cry from their wedding, which Meghan gushed about in great detail. Meghan said of the wedding, “Our wedding was about two things for us. Our love for and commitment to each other, and our family — each of our families, and the new very large and very tight family that we were bonding together by getting married. That’s it.”

She added, “We both knew exactly what we were going to do, where we were going to do it, and how we were going to do it. It’s a beautiful thing to see eye-to-eye with each other as we do. I bought thousands of dollars worth of dresses online — everything from traditional gowns to cocktail dresses off the rack. And, breaking from tradition, I tried all of them on for Cuffe to see. We both found ourselves getting caught up in expectations of tradition with the dress when I just decided to wear what felt most like ‘me.’”


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Meghan also shared wedding photos on social media with a caption stating, “We just knew. Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Owens.” For now, they are still up on her Instagram, despite already not aging well.

As for how the couple met, Meghan previously dished, “[We] texted for a day or two, then spent five straight hours on the phone the first time we spoke. By the time that call ended, Cuffe was booked and packed for a flight to St. Louis that took off in about eight hours. Within a week, we were back on the East Coast, meeting his family, and starting to plan our future together. We didn’t leave each other’s side for weeks.”

Sadly, I don’t think anyone is really surprised, as much as we wished Meghan got her happy ending. This time, it looks like it was anything but.
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