Christine Quinn Slams Selling Sunset Producers For “Favoritism In The Editing Room”

Christine Quinn did not fair well on this season of Selling Sunset. She has admitted that she “loves being the villain”, but when you dish it out, you have to also take it. And take it she did. There were nonstop rumors and speculations about the validity of her pregnancy. She also had a traumatic birth experience and suffered from PTSD while filming. Things got worse when Mary Fitzgerald blew up her spot about her falling out with her castmates. Said Mary of Christine, “Yeah, things have happened, and I mean we are professional and cordial at the office, but outside of the office, most people don’t choose to associate with her. I think everybody will see why and understand.” Ouch.

Now Christine has a bone to pick with producers of the show, claiming they play favorites. As reported by Us Weekly, Christine appeared on Daily Pop to explain. She admitted, “I feel like there’s definitely favoritism in the editing room, and that is what it is on the show, but I do the best [I can]. There’s many times where in the show I say certain things, but they don’t want to have another person respond to me, so sometimes they’ll do an interview clip. I’m just like, ‘Why can’t I ever get a word in sometimes?’”

Christine added that she hadn’t watched the latest season but her interest piqued when the online pregnancy rumors started. “I’ve only seen little clips here and there. I didn’t know where it was coming from, and then I realized people were like, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing yoga after having a C-section!’ And I’m like, ‘What are they talking about?’”


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Fans were quick to point out a yoga scene Christine was in, where her baby bump wasn’t shown. Christine said that was editing. She tweeted, “I guess people think when I did yoga in the show I was not pregnant? I was pregnant in that scene. It took me 4 months [before] I could work out again.”

As for the rest of the series, Christine mused, “I was hoping that there would be multiple sides that would be shown — my vulnerability, different things — but throughout the seasons, it just seemed to be this one-note consistency of my character portrayal. So it was hard for me, especially when I was going through a lot this season. … It’s fun, but people need to realize it’s a show.”


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[Photo Credit: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for OPPENHEIM GROUP]