Christine Quinn, Heather El Moussa, And Emma Hernan’s Shared Ex Currently Works At The Oppenheim Group

Us Weekly has done every Selling Sunset fan a favor and revealed the mystery ex- Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan spent season four squabbling over. Peter Cornell is the man in question. It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention that this man is an employee at The Oppenheim Group. I mean, of courrrrse there’s a boundary crossing inter-office relationship going on. I’m truthfully just glad it’s not Jason Oppenheim terrorizing his subordinates’ love lives again. This peer-on-peer romantic warfare really should be on our screens, though.

Us Weekly has shared some interesting details on Peter. For one, he’s been on reality TV before. In 2015 Peter appeared with a client on an episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Like others at the Oppenheim group, Peter is known to work with celebrity buyers. His list includes the ranks of Taye Diggs and Kris HumphriesPeter overseas the ‘Sports and Entertainment Division’ at the Oppenheim Group, which makes sense. Peter has played professional basketball too!

Season four of Selling Sunset really hinges on Peter, to be honest. After Christine gave birth to her first child, she was temporarily replaced in the office by Emma. Emma wasted no time in sharing how she met Christine years prior. She proudly shared over a group dinner that she was ‘the-other-woman’ who Christine caught Peter with. It sounds like Christine had a full blown melt-down upon seeing Emma and Peter together. Such great small talk at a company party!!

Christine and Emma were both engaged to Peter as well, though there is some disagreement between the two about this. Emma boasted that she was the “first woman” Peter had ever proposed to. Is that a badge of honor these days? Either way, Christine quickly stole that torch back from Emma when she claimed she had already been secretly engaged to Peter for months. Not sure this is guy is any prize to be won. Why is anyone arguing over this dishonorable-lurch?

Later in the season Christine dropped a real bomb on Heather El Moussa when she revealed Heather had also dated Peter. For some reason, that relationship overshare was not well received by the Oppenheim women. I wonder why…? It worked so well for Emma!?! Can we get Peter over here to sort this all out!?


[Photo Credit: Netflix]