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Dr. Jen Armstrong Sues Former Employee Over Claim Jen Was Under Influence Of Drugs Working On Patients

Jen Armstrong is becoming more well known for her life off screen than on screen as a housewife on Real Housewives of Orange County. The freshman cast member has found herself the topic of tabloid fodder about multiple lawsuits against her. But now Jen has filed a lawsuit of her own, accusing a former employee of spreading lies about her.

As reported by Radar Online, Jen is suing former employee Sylvia Nuttall for defamation. She’s claiming that Sylvia lied about her to the California Medical Board. Which resulting in an investigation into Jen’s practice. Jen is also accusing Sylvia of intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and various other claims. Court documents list Jen and her company Advanced Skincare Medcenter as the plaintiffs.

Jen’s suit against Sylvia alleges that Sylvia has made “intentionally false, misleading, and/or defamatory accusations.” Jen is a doctor who specializes in the field of cosmetic dermatology. She explained that Sylvia worked for her from August 2018 to October 2021 as her office manager. Jen said that she fired Sylvia after realizing that she stole medical supplies and equipment. Jen also said Sylvia violated the confidentiality clause in her contract.

Jen’s lawsuit added that Sylvia started a “calculated campaign” to damage Jen’s reputation, along with “impersonating” Jen to order unauthorized medical equipment, products and medication.” In addition, Sylvia stands accused of deleting client files and preventing Jen’s clients from calling in by being routed to an unknown cell number. Sylvia also supposedly told Jen’s patients that Jen was under criminal investigation.


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The court docs also state that Sylvia purportedly “made false reports about Jen to regulatory agencies and licensing boards, including the California Medical Board, alleging that Jen engages in unprofessional conduct, including using unlawful filler and working under the influence of drugs, resulting in the California Medical Board investigating these false allegations.”

Jen said that Sylvia even went as far as calling a Bravo producer and telling them to “stay away from Jen for their “own protection.” And said that Sylvia created a fake social media account to impersonate Jen. Damn, Sylvia. These are some crazy allegations. Which we have to remember are just that for now – allegations.

Jen’s lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.


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