Married At First Sight Recap: Season Premiere- The Weddings Are Coming! The Weddings Are Coming!

The New Year is starting off right with season 14 of Married At First Sight. I am so excited!!! As many of you know, this is one of my favorite shows. At heart, I am a hopeless romantic. Although I may throw some shade, I truly want these peoples to find love. But we never know if the experts will be naughty or nice when it comes to these matches. I genuinely wish for better than the last unsuspecting souls. After last season’s roller coaster of emotions, I have no idea what is in store for us. But one thing is for sure; there will be a little bit of romance and a whole lot of drama. Get ready to go on this crazy ride with me.

Ten newly-engaged Bostonians have only two weeks until they meet their stranger spouses at the altar. One groom’s antics at the bachelor party raise questions on whether he is actually ready to settle down.  One bride finds her wedding overwhelming. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Lindsey and Mark

Mark is a 37-year-old that goes by the moniker “Mark the Shark.” He applied to the show when it was in Boston in 2018, after years on dating apps. He is looking to finally find his life partner that he can start a family with. When Mark tells his family and friends that he is going to marry a stranger, they worry if she will be able to handle his responsibility to his mother who is in a care facility.

Lindsay is 34 years old and is looking for her one true love. She wants a relationship like that of her grandparents, who have been married for 70 years. She was engaged a year ago, but her fiancé called off the wedding 5 days before the wedding. When she reveals her wedding plans to her brother and father, they are concerned about whether her future husband will be able to handle her. She is struggling with her relationship with her mother, who she is unsure will attend her wedding.

So far, Lindsey is the most interesting person this season. She is unapologetically herself and I like that. Now, I am not sure if she and Mark will be a match, but it will be fun to watch. They are the first couple of the season to walk down the aisle. For some strange reason, Mark decides to tell his wife that everyone call him the “shark” when they first meet. He looks petrified, but he makes up for his nerves with his sweet vows. Mark even goes in for quite the kiss, despite just meeting his bride.

When Lindsey and Mark speak after the wedding, she is quickly impressed with his level of commitment. But he is going to have to stay on his toes, if he intends to keep up with this woman. I could see her personality being overwhelming, for some. This relationship is definitely going to be interesting!

Katina and Olajuwon

Katina, 29, has spent 2 years on what she has called a “self-love journey.” She is now ready to love someone else and find the father of her children. She looks forward to trading nights at the club for quiet nights at home with her man. Katina’s friends are shocked when she confesses her relationship status is about to change.

Olajuwon, 29, is a self-confessed ex-playboy. He now feels ready to settle down and put someone else ahead of himself. When he reveals his plans for marriage to his friends and family, he seems passionate about changing his life. Things are going well until he explains that he expects a traditional wife who has a hot meal ready for him at night. Umm… is he planning on paying all the bills or is he only “traditional” when it comes to his expectations of a woman? There is nothing wrong with a woman doing those things if she wants to do so, but the problem comes in when it’s a demand. Did he forget that he signed up to marry a stranger that he knows nothing about? Something tells me he is in for a rude awakening.

Olajuwon attended his bachelor party and must have forgotten what he was there for. Not only was he the wildest bachelor of the group, he revealed even more expectations of the stranger that will soon be his wife. I can’t wait to see how this relationship goes; this man has a very specific woman in mind to be on this type of show. I don’t know if Katina meets all of his beliefs.


Noi and Steve

33-year-old Noi has a reputation among her friends of “being the one who loves easily and freely.” She describes herself as a shy girl with a loud alter ego. She explains to her friends, she thinks love is worth taking a chance. In the past, she has given so much to relationships and is hoping this time her husband will be the one to give as well.

Steve is a 38-year-old former sales engineer who is currently in between jobs. He describes himself as adventurous and family oriented. His grandparents (who have been together 60 years) had an arranged marriage, so he is willing to try it as well. Although Steve’s family is happy for him, they worry his wife will be disappointed in his current job status. He plans to share his plan for the future to ease her concerns. Well Steve may want to figure it out fast because that definitely may be a concern in a new relationship.

Jasmina and Michael

29-year-old Jasmina is ready to find her true love. She has had many failed relationships and a tumultuous childhood. She hopes to break the pattern on Married At First Sight. Jasmina wastes no time blindsiding her family with the news and they are shocked, to say the least. Her mother worries that she has to give her daughter’s hand to a man, she knows nothing about.

28-year-old Michael is ready to find a wife and have children in the future. He has experienced loss at an early age that he feels has hindered him from opening up in his past relationships. His sister is the one who convinced him to try the show, after having no luck on dating apps. Therefore, his family wasn’t surprised and is fully supportive of this journey.

Alyssa and Chris

Alyssa, 30, is a social media manager who devotes her time to rescuing animals. After a string of bad relationships, including her latest which ended in heartbreak, she is ready to find the one. She is the last single one out of all of her friends.  Alyssa is tired of searching for something she hasn’t been able to find on her own. Chris, 35, is a realtor who describes himself as a serial monogamist, since high school.  He has had difficulty once his relationships get past what he calls the honeymoon phase.  He grew up with a single mother and strives to be successful in his career and a marriage.


Early insights- Lindsey is a handful, who is going to challenge her husband. Olajuwon’s expectations are going to be the demise of his marriage, if he doesn’t learn to compromise. Alyssa, is may be difficult to please.


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