Meet The Cast Of Survivor 42 Coming To CBS In March!

That’s right! Whether you want the show to die or not, or if you are amazed to hear that it’s still even on the air, Survivor continues on due in large part to a fervent fan-base (me included!) who never quit…and who know that it is still the best Reality TV Competition Show on the air. Survivor is about to begin its 42nd (!!!) Season, with a two-hour premiere coming Wednesday, March 9th, at 8pm on CBS.

While the show itself doesn’t draw in nearly the numbers that it did back when it changed the entire landscape of television back in the Summer of 2000, Survivor still consistently wins its Wednesday night timeslot for CBS, even now after going on 22 years on the air. It has a loyal online community and even an official Survivor Hall of Fame. So there’s no use resisting…you might as well tune in to the new season and see what all the fuss is about!

Little is known about Survivor 42 (beginning last season with “41,” the show no longer has a sub-title like “Exile Island” or “Guatamala,” and will be numbered moving forward). We do know that it was shot last Summer on the heels of Season 41 on the islands of Fiji, and that (as you’ll see) it will feature one of the most diverse casts in the show’s history (CBS mandated a diversity-ratio of no less than 50% for all of its reality TV programming last year). The cast will feature 18 brand new players, the identities of which were just announced by CBS…and of course the show will once again be hosted and produced by Jeff Probst.

Here is your Survivor 42 cast! (Click the link on their names for a short intro video on each player!)

Name: Chanelle Howell

Age: 29

Hometown:  Hamden, Conn.

Current Residence: New York, N.Y.

Occupation: Executive recruiter

Name: Daniel Strunk

Age: 30

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current Residence: New Haven, Conn.

Occupation: Law clerk

Name: Drea Wheeler

Age: 35

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Current Residence: Montreal, Quebec

Occupation: Fitness consultant

Name: Hai Giang

Age: 29

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. / Gia Rai, Bac Lieu, Vietnam

Current Residence: New Orleans, La.

Occupation: Data scientist

Name: Jackson Fox

Age: 48

Hometown: Pasadena, Texas

Current Residence: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Healthcare worker

Name: Jenny Kim

Age: 43

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Current Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Occupation: Creative director

Name: Jonathan Young

Age: 29

Hometown: Gadsden, Ala.

Current Residence: Gulf Shores, Ala.

Occupation: Beach service co. owner

Name: Lindsay Dolashewich

Age: 31

Hometown: Morganville, N.J.

Current Residence: Asbury Park, N.J.

Occupation: Dietitian

Name: Lydia Meredith

Age: 22

Hometown: Fredericksburg, Va.

Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif.

Occupation: Waitress

Name: Marya Sherron

Age: 47

Hometown: Lansing, Mich.

Current Residence: Noblesville, Ind.

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

Name: Maryanne Oketch

Age: 24

Hometown: Ajax, Ontario

Current Residence: Ajax, Ontario

Occupation: Seminary student

Name: Mike Turner

Age: 58

Hometown: Hoboken, N.J.

Current Residence: Hoboken, N.J.

Occupation: Retired firefighter

Name: Omar Zaheer

Age: 31

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario

Current Residence: Whitby, Ontario

Occupation: Veterinarian

Name: Rocksroy Bailey

Age: 44

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nev.

Occupation: Stay-at-home dad

Name: Romeo Escobar 

Age: 37

Hometown: Los Angeles

Current Residence: Norwalk, Calif.

Occupation:  Pageant coach

Name: Swati Goel

Age: 19

Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif.

Current Residence: Palo Alto, Calif.

Occupation: Ivy league student

Name: Tori Meehan

Age: 25

Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.

Current Residence: Rogers, Ark.

Occupation: Therapist

Name: Zach Wurtenberger

Age: 22

Hometown: Weston, Fla.

Current Residence: St. Louis, Mo.

Occupation: Student

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Looking forward to the Survivor 42 two-hour Premiere episode coming Wednesday, March 9th on CBS!


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