Kanye West Follows Pete Davidson On Instagram Amid Feud

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 28: Kanye West performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

It seems everywhere news website I see has a new story on Kanye West and his social media activity. The rapper who is struggling to come to terms with his divorce from Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashianhas taken aim at his soon to be ex-wife’s boyfriend – SNL start Pete Davidson.

Whilst Kanye has tried to move on himself with Julia Fox and other Kim K lookalikes, it seems he still has his eyes on Kim’s relationship. Kanye has often had a colorful social media presence using platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to lay bare his inner most feelings. The last couple of months however, have left fans and spectators concerned at the rapper’s mental health status. Erratic posts and public posts begging for Kim to get back together with him, and his harassment of her and Pete is starting to become increasingly uncomfortable and at times, painful to watch.

It is clear that Kanye is in great pain at the demise of his marriage, and he is not coping well with navigating the situation. But I also fear and feel so bad for Kim and of course their four children who are also having to publicly deal with a delicate and deeply personal situation with someone who needs help.

One person who has had to feel the brunt of Kanye’s public social media outbursts is Kim’s boyfriend Pete. Pete who himself has had his own struggles with mental health has also had an on and off again relationship with platforms such as Instagram. Pete famously left the platform in 2018 sharing that “No there’s nothing wrong. No nothing happened. No there’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore. Or on any social media platform.”

Props to Pete for recognizing when he needed to step back. At the time, as documented by Page Six, Pete explained to his fans that social media was an “evil place” that didn’t make him “feel good.” He continued – “Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f–king lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point,” he continued. “I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point.”

Well that some point is now, as Pete has rejoined instagram but has gained an unlikely follower. It seems that Kanye has followed Pete and even posted a photo with a caption showing it writing “FOLLOWED” which was hastily deleted. It is not entirely clear why Kanye has followed him, but it fits with the pattern of Kanye making things difficult for his soon to be ex-wife and her boyfriend. Kim and Pete haven’t reacted or followed back, in fact, the Kardashian sisters have unfollowed Kanye given the recent events.

I really hope that Kanye gets the help he needs, for his own sake, but also to help make things easier for everyone else suffering in the demise of the Kimye marriage – namely his children.


[Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic]