Lisa Hochstein

Real Housewives Star Lisa Hochstein Reveals Her New $120K Dental Makeover

Look out, Miami! There’s a new set of chompers in town. The Real Housewives of Miami’s Lisa Hochstein just revealed her latest update, and this time, she got 24 brand new pearly whites thanks to celebrity aesthetic dentist extraordinaire, Dr. Michael Apa.

Lisa previously revealed that she’s through with getting filler in her face, but that doesn’t mean she’s done making tweaks to her appearance, and like any seasoned reality TV star, she took to Instagram to share the news about her latest. On her Instagram Stories, Lisa shared a picture from the dentist’s chair with a caption saying, “Saying goodbye to this smile @DoctorApa.”

After the doctor implanted 24 handcrafted porcelain teeth, she shared another update. “And now I can’t stop smiling,” she wrote on her Instagram Story with a grin. “Absolutely love my new and improved smile @DoctorApa.”


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Page Six got the details on the procedure from the doctor himself. “Lisa came in with existing veneers that had shifted over time, and she wasn’t happy with them,” Dr. Apa told the outlet. “She wanted an update that would address her concerns with shape, texture, and color. We were able to design something special and very, very white (per her request), yet still natural-looking.”

If you’re in the market for very, very white, yet still natural-looking teeth, keep in mind that they come at quite the cost. There’s a 10-tooth minimum when you’re dealing with Dr. Apa, and he charges $5,000 a tooth. So, bust out the calculator real quick, and that comes out to a $120,000 price tag for Lisa’s new grill.


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Now, we don’t know for sure if that’s what Lisa paid — after all, celebrities and influencers usually get a little bit of a discount for promoting their doctors, and Dr. Apa is no stranger to working with celebs and reality TV stars. The New York city-based doctor is responsible for Ramona Singer’s new $80,000 smile. His practice recently did a couples’ special for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren Sorrentino. After Simon Cowell crashed his eBike, Dr. Apa saved the day and popped in a new set of veneers. He’s a legend, and regardless of the price tag, we’re glad to see that Lisa’s teeth were in good hands!


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]