Real Housewives Of Miami Star Lisa Hochstein’s Plastic Surgeon Husband Lenny Hochstein Sued Multiple Times For Malpractice

Lisa Hochstein boasts in her Real Housewives of Miami tagline that “My husband built the perfect wife!” But her husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, might not always be perfect. Miami’s “Boob God” is facing four medical malpractice lawsuits against him. Step aside, Dr. Jen Armstrong, this one’s for the boys!

As reported by Page Six, his latest lawsuit alleges that he poorly cared for a patient. So much so that she was left with necrosis and sepsis. The lawsuit was filed in August of 2021 by former patient Maylen Ortega. According to her, she had a breast augmentation and abdominoplasty surgery done by Lenny in 2019. Maylen claimed that Lenny and his team “failed to follow the prevailing standard of medical care required of medical professionals.” This left Maylen with a botched result.


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Maylen recalled that two days after surgery, her incisions “began turning purple and seemingly necrotic.” She also claimed that she tried contacting Lenny’s office. She tried for weeks on end but “was never attended nor responded to.” Maylen had no choice but to check into a local hospital. She claimed she was “in excruciating pain and was in critical care.” The lawsuit states that Lenny failed to preserve Maylen’s blood supply. This “caused necrosis and death of tissue, leading to loss of the entire lower abdominal wall.”

To fix the issue, Maylen had to have skin grafting on the area. She now alleges that she suffers from “permanent disfigurement, mental anguish, psychological injury, extreme scarring, increased change for the necessity of further surgery, embarrassment and humiliation.” She is suing for $30K in damages and a trial by jury.


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Lenny has responded to the lawsuit in separate documents, calling the allegations a “sham.” He denies any wrongdoing whatsoever. Through his attorneys, he filed to have the lawsuit dismissed. The reasons he cited was because Maylen filed her lawsuit four months after the statute of limitations expired. Lenny maintained in a statement, “There was no malpractice. This case has no merit based upon the patient’s noncompliance with clear and direct physician orders.” A case management file brings the case through 2023.

This isn’t new to Lenny, as it’s his fourth medical malpractice suit. And the other lawsuits against Lenny are gory to say the least. In August 0f 2021, he was sued by patient  Jennifer Geci. Jennifer claimed Lenny left her with “altered and deformed genitalia.”

Another patient, Luz Del Alba, sued him in June of the same year. She alleged that after a thigh and arm lift, she was left with “large open wounds.” She added that she had “significant limitation” of the range of motion in her arms. In a less detailed suit from 2019, Christine Wilson sued Lenny for “pain and suffering” from the procedures he performed on her.


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Regarding the 2019 case, Lenny denied the allegations and said his surgical assistant was to blame. Lenny stated, “In 2017, I interviewed a surgical assistant to possibly hire for my practice. As part of the interview process, he was asked to perform skin closure. Ultimately, I decided against hiring him, but the needle left in Ms. Wilson is strictly due to his negligence. I reached out to Ms. Wilson in hopes of remedying his error, but she has chosen to sue me instead.”

As for Jennifer’s allegations, Lenny said, “I take the other allegations seriously and look forward to my day in court so that I can clear my reputation.” Lenny also denied Luz’s claims and declared he would “prevail” against her. The four cases mentioned above are still open and ongoing.


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