Married At First Sight Recap: – Past Lives, Open Minds

This season of Married At First Sight has been quite the rollercoaster. At this point, I don’t know what I even want to be the outcome of the experiment. Is anyone else feel like they have whiplash from all the ups and downs. I still have the tiniest bit of hope for some couples and I hoping others speed walk away. This accelerated marriage has brought out everything from the best, the worst and the crazy with this group.

With just a week and a half left until Decision Day, the couples share their pasts. They hope to cultivate a deeper bond after learning about how each grew up. After meeting with an expert, one husband questions whether his wife should say “yes.” Let’s get straight to the recap!

Katina and Olajuwon

Olajuwon takes Katina to the neighborhood where he grew up. He is very proud of all of the things he has been able to accomplish as adult since his humble beginnings. The only issue with that is he uses it against his wife. He jumps at every opportunity to either gaslight or humiliate her. Later, Katina brings her husband to her church to give him more insight on how important religion has been in her life. I’m glad she is able to rely on her faith because her husband has made it clear she can’t rely on him to help her through school.  In a post interview, even Olajuwon admits that Katina should focus on herself and say no on decision day. I’m glad we finally agree on something. Runnnnnnnnnn Katina!

Lindsey and Mark

It’s another day and yet another argument between Lindsey and Mark. In a recent argument he repeatedly told her she was too much for him. She is obviously hurt. It is only a matter of time before she lashes out. Dr. Pepper Schwartz comes for a much needed visit to get to the bottom of their issues. Mark is tired of arguing every other day and being forced out of his comfort zone. The problem is that they come from two different worlds and don’t know how to communicate. Whenever Lindsey gets triggered she escalates the situation. Sigh! I know they both have to be tired of the toxicity because I am, and I am only a viewer. I don’t know how Dr. Pepper did it, but she was able to make some sense of this mess. Who knows if they will be able to move forward in a positive way, but at least they have been given ways to do so.

Mark suffers another setback when he discovers his cat is gravely ill and has to be euthanized. I can honestly say Lindsey has been so supportive of him. He has probably had more personal issues this season, than everyone combined. To her credit, she has never left him to go through things alone. This is why I can understand why she gets so frustrated. It would be hard for me to hear I am too much all the time, but never get credit for the positive things I do.

Lindsey takes Mark to her favorite trail growing up. We get the chance to understand how her childhood traumas have affected her as an adult. It doesn’t seem like she got much attention and acceptance as a child, so when she feels that from Mark it triggers something deep in her. He chooses to take Lindsey to his childhood home and gets emotional while recalling memories. If we don’t find out anything else, I just want to know what he grew up eating. I have never seen an adult who has never had so many different foods.

Noi and Steve

Steve takes Noi to his childhood home where his mother still lives. Noi shares her love of dance by attending a class which was her way to escape when life got hard. To my surprise, she isn’t a very good dancer. But hey, as long as you are having fun. Music was a way for her to express her emotions when she wasn’t able to do so physically. This makes a lot of sense as to why she seems so cold when Steve shares his emotions.  Later, Noi reveals the true reason why she needs to have financial security. She watched her family work extremely hard only to still be poor. Steve realizes he may have to do more to show his wife that he will be able to provide for a family.

Later, Dr. Pepper visits to get more insight into Steve and Noi’s marriage, so far. They both express some of the difficulties they have experienced in their relationship. Although Noi has learned she needs to communicate when she is upset, they still haven’t reach an understanding on many key issues. When the topic of living together comes up, Dr. Pepper reveals she doesn’t currently live with her husband. It is obvious that Steve is not feeling being married and living separately. But Noi is speaking as if it has already been decided. Ugh… I was routing for you guys! I am not sure I think they should be together anymore. She can come across as very selfish. It doesn’t seem like she takes Steve’s needs in mind, at all.

Jasmina and Michael

I am really proud of Michael. He has really grown and become vulnerable through this process. The only problem is I am not sure if Jasmina is the person for him. I have watched her beg for him to open up, only to be guarded herself. But she finally opens up when she takes Michael to her childhood home. Her upbringing was especially difficult due to both her biological parents leaving her at an early age.  It was her childhood teacher and stepmother who eventually helped her to regain her confidence. Michael is amazed at the person she has become, despite her traumatic childhood. I am glad that we got to see a softer side of her.

Michael takes Jasmina to the home he shared with his siblings and late mother. When he reads his letter to his younger self and gets choked up, tears filled my eyes. I hate how Jasmina reacts in all of these situations. She never comforts him. Can this man get a hug or a touch of a hand? He doesn’t ever point it out, but he deserves a woman who feels something when he is hurting. Later, Dr. Pepper arrives to check in on their progress. Although, they both admit they have been enjoying each other’s company, Jasmina still isn’t ready to for any level of intimacy. I wish she would just be honest and let him know he doesn’t have a chance.



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