Shanna Moakler Comments On Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian’s IVF Journey

Shanna Moakler is definitely Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And can we blame her? Aren’t we all?

Following Travis Barker’s engagement to Kourtney Kardashian in the fall, Shanna posted some  cryptic messages to her social media. Shanna, who shares two children with Travis, wrote, “Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance” and “Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give a f–k.”

Shanna had previously blamed the buzz surrounding Travis and Kourtney’s relationship for her parenting struggles. Around the same time “Kravis” went public, Shanna’s kids became “estranged” from her. Meanwhile, Shanna has kept herself busy. She made a mark on the most recent season of Celebrity Big Brother. Now the former beauty queen is out promoting her upcoming pageants!

While promoting her upcoming Miss Nevada USA and Miss Utah USA pageants, Shanna told Us Weekly about her take on Travis and Kourtney’s IVF journey. She admitted, “All I know is kind of, like, what everyone knows.”

“I think they were trying with IVF and there were some complications,” Shanna added. She went on to note that if Kourtney and Travis want a child together, she is supportive. She explained, “I think if that’s a desire between the two of them then that’s fantastic. I don’t have any issues with that. Their personal relationship is really nothing I get involved in.”

Kourtney and Travis have opened up about their pregnancy desires and IVF struggles on the latest Hulu show, The Kardashians. “Travis and I want to have a baby,” Kourtney said in the teaser clip before the series release in April. “It hasn’t been the most amazing experience,” Kourtney also revealed during an April episode of The Kardashians.


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Kourtney has spoken out about the backlash she has received during her IVF process. The 42-year-old explained that she has gotten comments about “gaining so much weight.” on social media.

“Every single person on social media is always like, ‘Kourtney’s pregnant, Kourtney’s pregnant, Kourtney’s gained so much weight,’” she explained. “It’s so rude to comment on people when you have no idea what they’re actually going through. The medication they’re giving me, they put me into menopause. … Literally into menopause.” At least she support from Shanna!


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