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Dr. Lenny Hochstein Officially Files For Divorce From Lisa Hochstein

Two weeks ago, Dr. Lenny Hochstein was in the middle of a confrontation between his new girlfriend and his wife. Lisa Hochstein, of Real Housewives of Miami fame, allegedly threw a drink in the face of Katharina Mazepa. The 26 year-old model was described as a mystery woman at the time of the incident. But it was quickly confirmed by Lenny himself that the two were an item. He stated a few days after the fight, “Lisa and I are getting divorced. This is a very difficult time, and I would ask for some privacy so that we can best take care of our children who mean the world to us.”

Now Page Six has confirmed that he has officially filed for divorce from Lisa. In court documents, Lenny cited “irreconcilable differences.” He also said that the marriage is “irretrievably broken and there is no present hope for a meaningful reconciliation.” The documents claim that both parties agreed to “dissolve their marriage at least a month ago.” Well, that’s what Lenny is saying. Lisa, on the other hand, has a different take on the matter.

According to her, she was unaware that Lenny was dating someone else. She also said she only found out about their divorce when he announced it to the media. Lisa stated, “With two young children involved, as a mom I’m going to focus all of my energy and time on them. I’m blindsided by his behavior and reckless handling of the situation.”

Court documents also indicate that the couple signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their union. Lenny said he will pay spousal support in agreement with the terms of the prenup. Lisa and Lenny share two young children and Lenny requested “frequent time-sharing.” He asserted that he will continue to “fully provide for all of the children’s needs.”

Now that it’s all out there, Lenny and Katharina have gone fully public with their relationship. And Katharina recently spoke out and said there was no foul play on her part when they got together. She stated, “The reality is that both Lenny and I have been separated from our spouses for a while and are both going through divorces. I was informed Lisa was fully aware that he was going out with me.”

Another lie, Lisa insisted. She quickly responded to the claims that she knew Lenny was dating Katharina. Lisa began, “Since finding out just two weeks ago, my priority remains the same – our children. As a mother, their happiness, safety and protection from all of this remain my ultimate priority. Unfortunately, this is a case of a man lying to two women at the same time.”

She continued, “I don’t blame [Katharina] for what’s happening, we all choose different paths to get ahead in life. I feel blindsided by a man I’ve dedicated my life to.”


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