90 Day Fiancé Recap: Poison In the Honey

Last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, was filled with unfulfilled expectations. Apparently, most of these couples had a very different view of their lives once they were reconnected with their partners. Normally, when you are in a long distance relationship, you only option is to talk for long periods of time. I don’t understand how dreams, goals and expectations didn’t come up in their conversations. What were these people talking about, just sexy time?

Shaeeda tries to bond with Bilal’s children. Miona continues to come between Jibri and David. Kobe and Emily‘s dad talk man-to-man. Patrick‘s gift to Thais has strings attached. Guillermo‘s vision for their wedding doesn’t match Kara‘s. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Bilal, 42 (Kansas City, Missouri) and Shaeeda, 37 (Trinidad and Tobago)

Shaeeda and Bilal’s daughter spend some quality time together making a Trinidadian meal. Things get a bit awkward when she confronts her step-daughter-to-be on still referring to her by her first name. In her culture, a woman in her position would be called “Umi.” But considering the word means mother, the kids aren’t comfortable with that. I don’t understand why she keeps pressing the issue. The kids respectfully made their boundaries clear. Even Bilal didn’t want to make his children feel pressured to use that word. Later, on a family outing Bilal and Shaeeda have yet another disagreement. She is beginning to get very irritated with his lectures. I am not sure 90 days is enough time for these two to get on the same page.

Jibri, 28 (Rapid City, South Dakota) and Miona, 23 (Serbia)

Jibri and his best friend, David are still in this weird love triangle, which led to a fight in the recording studio. David seems threatened by his friend’s relationship with Miona. He claims that Miona is distracting him and changing his personality. Even if that is the case, I don’t understand how that led to things getting physical. But as quickly as things escalated, it was over. They went from throwing blows to singing and dancing. Insert side eye. Maybe that type of thing is normal for them. At the end of the session, Jibri apologizes to the group for putting his relationship with Miona over the band.

Miona and one of Jibri’s female band mates go shopping for wedding dresses while in Chicago. While there, she learns about the fight that took place in the studio. Later, Jibri and David go to lunch to discuss their differences. David feels that Miona is dragging his friend down and he is losing himself. Surprisingly, Jibri agrees when it comes to her expectations versus his need to be creative. Honestly, is this band even making any money? There is a lot of emphasis on creativity, but it seems like Jibri is struggling financially. It may be time to find a job that will allow him to support himself and a wife. Even David, owns a trucking company that allows him the freedom to pursue his passion.


Emily, 29 (Salina, Kansas) and Kobe, 34 (Cameroon)

Despite Kobe and Emily’s recent argument, they go horseback riding together at a family friend’s home. When they return, she excitedly speaks to her parents about the wedding. When she asks them to help with the wedding financially, they express their concerns. Emily makes it clear that she doesn’t need their advice, just money. I don’t know if she realizes it, but she has invited her parents into her relationship ever since Kobe has arrived. Given the fact they have been footing the bill for their daughter all this time, they want to ensure she has a plan to be independent once she is married.

Emily’s dad confronts Kobe on his concerns about his relationship with his daughter.  He asks about Kobe’s plan to support his family once he is able to work. Honestly, I think that is a loaded question. He isn’t from America; he has no idea of the cost of living or his choices for work. This family is so close knit, they need to help him to discover his options and understand life in this country. He seems to want to work and provide for his family, he just needs to put in the right direction.  But when Kobe suggests working Emily’s father’s company and eventually taking over, he is given all the reasons that isn’t possible.


Patrick, 31 (Austin, Texas) and Thais, 25 (Brazil)

Patrick and Thais go out to dinner, where he presents her with a cell phone and some sexy lingerie. But her new gift comes with some conditions. If she takes the phone, he will not be giving her access to his location anymore. Of course, that doesn’t make her happy, since she has been spying on him since she has lived in Brazil. Apparently, she has trust issues from earlier in their relationship when she found out he was talking to another woman behind her back. Honestly, I don’t know why people bother to do things like spy on their significant other. If your partner truly wants to cheat, they will find a way. I wouldn’t want you, if I have to try to control you to keep you.

Patrick’s brother, John decides to throw an impromptu housewarming party with some of their co-workers. Things get a bit tense when group of random women walk into the house. They are still working on trust, so this party may not be the best decision, this early. After a pep talk and some PDA, she decides to trust her man in the company of other women. Sigh! Something tells me things are going to get even more interesting with these two.

Kara, 29 (Charlottesville, Virginia) and Guillermo, 23 (Venezuela)

Kara and Guillermo disagree about their upcoming nuptials. He wants to have a big wedding, while she wants something small and intimate due to price.  But he doesn’t want to hear that from her, he would rather see venues and find out if that is truly the case. When they visit a wedding venue, he is shocked when he hears the price. Afterwards, Guillermo confront Kara on her controlling ways. He feels like she makes decisions without him and puts him in a bad position. She agrees to include him and take his feelings into account. I doubt that will be the case, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Yvette, 48 (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Mohamed, 25 (Egypt)

Yvette is still feeling under pressure from all of Mohamed’s expectations of her. Obviously, there are several religious and cultural differences between them and neither wants to budge on their lifestyle. He is confused about why she seems surprised by his requests, when she has known who he was for the last two years. Yvette claims that they never truly discussed how things would be once he arrived in America. SMH… I don’t know how you just ignore those details, when your lives are so different. There is no way I would date a conservative and religious person, if I am the polar opposite. It seems like this relationship was doomed from the start if neither is willing to change.



Photo Credit: TLC