90 Day Fiancé Recap: How To Marry A Stripper

The delusion is real at this point on 90 Day Fiance. I have said this many times but what do these people discuss before they are in the same country? One would think when you have nothing to do but talk, you would discuss everything. I am talking about hopes, dreams, fears and everything under the sun. I’m starting to think in order to be on this show, you aren’t allowed to have deep conversations. It seems almost every couple has no idea of what their partner truly wants from the relationship or life.

Emily ruins Kobe‘s happy proposal.  Thaís lets a huge secret she is hiding from Patrick slip. Ariela’s ex is back and so is Biniyam‘s jealousy. Shaeeda questions her future with Bilal. Yvette and Mohamed clash about having kids. Jibri‘s parents bluntly assess his relationship with Miona. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Emily, 29 (Salina, Kansas) and Kobe, 34 (Cameroon)

Kobe looks for a new wedding ring with Emily’s sister and father. The only issue is he is the only one that doesn’t know that she already bought a ring without his knowledge. It’s weird that they are supporting this nonsense knowing she already has a ring. Kobe is on a budget and doesn’t have a lot of money to spare. Sigh! Is there no one in the family who is willing to call out Emily on her bullshit? This is crazy.

Kobe takes Emily out for a romantic dinner.  He surprises her with the ring in her champagne. I hope she feels terrible after secretly buying a ring. They don’t have a lot of money, so why she would waste more is unknown to me. When they return home, Emily makes the decision to coldly reveal her secret to Kobe in front of everyone. Insert side eye emoji. She knows that he is a proud man and to do that would only embarrass him. He is so insulted he decides to go to bed early. I wonder if Kobe would have run screaming away from her by now, if they didn’t have a child.

Jibri, 28 (Rapid City, South Dakota) and Miona, 23 (Serbia)

Jibri and Miona join his family for dinner after he shared his parents’ concerns with her earlier that day. His mom can’t stand the elephant in the room and just addresses everything. I guess Jibri felt comfortable to air out all of his issues as well. I actually feel sorry for Miona. She has to feel blindsided listening to a group of people tell her how to deal with her relationship. Jibri should have been honest about his feelings, before that meeting.

Bilal, 42 (Kansas City, Missouri) and Shaeeda, 37 (Trinidad and Tobago)

Shaeeda is still upset after Bilal presented her with a prenup during their romantic date. Regardless of his reasoning for wanting the agreement, a date night probably wasn’t the best time to bring it up. Needing some advice, he speaks with his sister on the matter. Bilal is scared to put his full trust in another woman due to his past relationships. Honestly, if every woman has left him, he may need to do some self-reflection. His sister understands his hesitation, but also can see how his fiancé could view the situation. Meanwhile, Shaeeda’s friends encourage her to stand up for herself and include her own terms for the marriage.

Omg… Bilal would drive me insane with all of his constant nagging about the smallest things. Shaeeda couldn’t even pack a bag for their trip without his input on her folding skills. When she reveals that she wants to add in some of her own terms to the prenuptial agreement, his whole attitude changes. He then questions why she is more concerned with an agreement than whether they will actually get married. Well, maybe he should have thought of that himself before getting an agreement drawn up.  Did he expect her to just sign a sheet of paper without questioning it? Shaeeda is beginning to question whether she and Bilal should even get married.

Ariela, 30, (Princeton, New Jersey) and Biniyam, 31 (Ethiopia)

Much to Biniyam’s dismay, Ariela’s ex-husband, Leandro has arrived to visit. Things get awkward very quickly when Leandro tries to give him relationship advice at lunch. Who the hell would want their significant other’s ex to infringe on the present? I’m willing to bet if Biniyam stayed in contact with his ex-wife, she would go crazy.

For Ariela to be so jealous, she sure seems to get a kick out of seeing Biniyam sweat. During a family dinner, she asks her ex-husband to come wedding dress shopping with her. Immediately, Biniyam voices that he doesn’t like that idea. She and her family are dismissive of his feelings and even joke that her ex will pick out her bra as well. SMH… Now, if they situation was reversed they would be telling her that he is disrespectful and something isn’t right. It may be time for him to put his foot down about Leandro.

Patrick, 31 (Austin, Texas) and Thais, 25 (Brazil)

In an attempt to smooth things over between them, Patrick takes Thais to Vegas. It has been a dream of hers to visit, so she is excited to see all of the new sights. But he is looking forward to introducing his fiancée to his younger brother who currently lives there. Upon meeting the brother, Thais shocks everyone by revealing her father doesn’t know she plans to get married. Talk about red flags.  This one is waving furiously in the wind.

On the drive home, Patrick confronts Thais about why she hasn’t told her father they plan to get married. He even begins to worry that she may not be with him for the right reasons, if she could hide something so important. Thais claims she didn’t inform her father because she felt like he would have approved of her coming to the U.S. When Patrick explains why it is important his father knows, she dismisses his feelings.  Later, she has a conversation with her father where she continues to lie. Afterward, she tries to convince Patrick to elope at a chapel and then tell her father. Wow, is she that afraid of what her father is going to say? She is already far away, there is no point of hiding the man she intends to marry anymore.


Yvette, 48 (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Mohamed, 25 (Egypt)

As if they don’t have enough issues, Yvette wants to add a child to the equation. Is she forgetting they can’t even come to a compromise about their relationship? How would they be able to make joint decisions as parents? Mohamed makes it very clear he doesn’t plan to have a child that wouldn’t share his same religion and beliefs. For some reason, she is shocked that he is taking this stance. I don’t know whether to laugh or to scream. This woman is completely delusional.



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