Married At First Sight Season 15 Premiere Recap

Married At First Sight is back! While some of the seasons have been controversial to say the least, that hasn’t stopped fans from continuing to watch. In fact, many are excited to learn more about the season 15 couples.  I’m sure viewers are already speculating about how each marriage will turn out by Decision Day. This season includes two new relationship experts, movie producer and motivational speaker DeVon Franklin, and Dr. Pia Holec but, for the first time, it’s set on the West Coast.

I already have some early predictions that I will keep to myself until I see everyone get married. The experts have made some interesting choices. I can see why some of them were matched, but I’m also seeing a lot of differences, as well. We already know there will be plenty drama. I am hoping these couples fare better than previous seasons, but you never know with this show. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy is a 29-year-old physical therapist and self-proclaimed over thinker. Although she considers herself outgoing, she grew up sheltered in a religious household. When she meets with her friends to announce her engagement they are excited, but worry she will let her anxiety get the best of her. Eager to have a family, she is ready to finally settle down with someone special.

Miguel is a 35-year-old medical writer and a hopeless romantic. He has had a series of bad relationships, but is ready to meet his match. When he visits with his friends in full cosplay, they are excited for him to potentially meet a nice woman. Everyone is worried because of his past with women taking advantage of him.  Miguel has seen a reoccurring theme of women leaving him after suffering that pain from his mother as a child.


Alexis and Justin

Justin, 33 has remained perpetually single over the years, but he is ready for a meaningful relationship. He was engaged previously to a woman who would rather be a trophy wife, than a soul mate. This has led him to distrust people and eventually become celibate. When he informs his sister-in-law and brother, he is devastated when they don’t respond in a supportive manner. His brother reassures him that it’s not because he doesn’t want him to be happy; he is just concerned about if things don’t work out.  I guess when his last engagement ended; he left the country to find himself for a period of time. I can see why his brother would be concerned, he seems very sensitive. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this show is truly like a game of rush and roulette.

Alexis is a 29-year-old logistics specialist from New Jersey. She considers herself someone who loves hard, but has never been able to find true love. Watching her parent’s marriage fail makes her want to stay married. She meets with a few of her close male friends and although shocked, they are supportive. Hopefully her husband isn’t the jealous type. I didn’t see any female friends in the group.

The first couple to walk down the aisle is Justin and Alexis. I can’t wait to see what the bride thinks of her groom. Especially since he seems to think most women want him. But while talking to his friends before the wedding, he shows his vulnerable side. He is nervous about whether he will fulfill his wife’s expectations. Meanwhile, Alexis is bawling like a baby once her mom comes to greet her. She is wondering if she has made a mistake. Sigh! This is going to be interesting. Something tells me, they aren’t going mesh easily.

I know its Justin and Alexis’ wedding day, but can we give it up for her mom? She was rocking that green dress next to her daughter. When the bride and groom meet, it’s obvious that he is attracted to her. They both read some very thoughtful vows. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. They even share a sweet kiss at the end of the ceremony. Although Alexis feels comfortable with him, she admits in a post interview he isn’t physically her type. She is very strong and he is bit corny, but he seems sweet. So, I guess we will see how this goes!

Krysten and Mitch

Krysten is a 32-year-old sales representative who is ready for love. She was previously engaged years ago, but never made it down the aisle. Right before she was set to get married, she was approached by the woman her fiancé was cheating with. She had used her life savings to pay for a destination wedding where no groom showed up.  Now, her biggest fear is dying alone. After trials and tribulations, she knows she deserves to have a happy ending. When Krysten reveals the news to her girlfriends, they grill her for all the details. She may be  a daddy’s girl, but she has yet to tell her father about her nuptials.

41-year-old, Mitch is an environmental policy advocate who is passionate about his work. He has had trouble maintaining long-term relationships. While Mitch is interested in finding the right partner, his parents’ divorce has impacted his ability to commit. He credits his siblings’ marriages as the reason he now feels ready to have one of his own. His family is very supportive when he announces that the experts have found him a wife.

Morgan and Binh

Morgan is a 27-year-old nurse who is the epitome of an independent woman. She went through dark times where she was extremely unhappy, but did the work to turn her life around. Although she lives a full life, she is ready to share it with someone else. When she discusses her upcoming wedding with friends, they hope her husband is ready for a powerful woman.

Binh is a 29-year-old first-generation Asian American, whose parents traveled separately to New Orleans as Vietnamese refugees. He is extremely close to his mother and hopes to marry someone like her. Unless his mom does martial arts in her spare time, I’m not sure if that will be the case. Binh enjoys traveling and working out and is successful in his own right. When he speaks to his friends about being engaged, they worry about his frugal cheap as hell ways.

Stacia and Nate

Stacia is a 37-year-old accountant, who describes herself as a no nonsense boss. She believes she is single because men are often intimidated by her. She was raised by her mother and stepdad and learned the value of a dollar very early in life. When she grew up, she decided she wanted to create her own success and have a family. She worries that time is running out on her biological clock and married at first sight is a last resort. When she reveals the news to her mom, she is supportive, but wants her daughter to get a post nuptial agreement to protect her assets. I don’t blame her; this woman has a successful career and owns several properties.

Nate is a 34-year-old, day trader, who considers himself an unorthodox risk taker. He credits being financially savvy from his days of struggling. Nate feels he is now in a place where he is ready for a wife and family.  If people consider them a power couple, even better. When he meets with his friends, they believe he is ready to settle down. But one of his female friends worries his wife may not want him to continue to have a relationship with his friends of the opposite sex. Hmm… I may need to watch that one friend. Hopefully she isn’t secretly waiting in the wings.

Umm… yea, I don’t know about Nate. Something tells me his wife is not going to deal with his shenanigans. At the bachelor party he displayed some behavior that even shocked the other men. He literally commanded a stripper to get on her knees while he sprayed whipped cream in her mouth. Did he forget he was on national TV and about to get married? I am now questioning his intentions along with that one female friend he is always around. Something tells me Stacia is not about to play games with him. Or at least, I hope not.




[Photo Credit: Lifetime]