Big Brother 24 Houseguest Daniel Durston Looks Forward To Speaking With Taylor Once She’s Out Of The House

Does anyone else love a good blind side on Big Brother? I know I do… especially when the person getting the boot is a player like Daniel Durston. Big Brother is currently airing its 24th season of the show and while things are just starting to get interesting, the first few weeks have been extremely rough to watch.

As fans watched the live feeds and episodes airing, we instantly saw the mistreatment of one of the show’s contestants, Taylor Hale. Although Taylor’s behavior was completely unproblematic and innocent in nature, other BB players like Paloma Aguilar, Nicole Layogand yes, Daniel, all seemed to board the mission of making Taylor’s experience in the house miserable. For what? Because she’s a former beauty queen with a title? Or is it because she brought an amazing wardrobe with her to the Big Brother house and wanted to give the live feeders a little show? Or was it simply because she was playing the game? I’m unsure… and most of the fans are as well.

But what the Big Brother community is adamant about, is holding the players who purposely went out of their way to hurt Taylor, accountable. Prior to both Daniel and Nicole’s exit, CBS aired a clip of Daniel screaming at Taylor in the bathroom while she ate her Lays potato chips… very on brand for her, by the way. We saw this treatment come after Nicole exaggerated the way a conversation with her ‘Festie Bestie’ Taylor went to her number 1 partner in the house, Daniel. That moment in which Daniel thought the entire house (and America) would be on his side, is actually the moment we started to root for his downfall on the show.

Now that Daniel is out of the house, he’s done a little reflecting and took to his personal Instagram to share an update saying, “I have many memories to share about my time in the Big Brother house, but first and foremost, I’d like to apologize to anyone I may have offended or triggered by my words and actions.” This is a good first step I can admit. However, it’s going to take a lot more from you and your also evicted BFF Nicole to make this right.

After his eviction, Daniel spoke with Us Weekly and said in regard to his treatment of Taylor, “… I understand why people would be upset. Any little reason I may have for it is not justified or validated. So watching it back is huge for me, literally taking notes and looking forward to speaking with Taylor is my priority. And if I offended anyone on the outside world, I will approach that as well.” I hope so… we’re all waiting.


[Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]