The Bachelorette Erich Schwer

Erich Schwer’s Dad Died Before This Season Of The Bachelorette Aired

Very sad news from Bachelor Nation this week. Following The  Bachelorette Gabby Windey‘s visit to suitor Erich Schwer‘s home town and meeting his family, Monday night’s episode was dedicated to Erich Schwer’s father Allan Schwer.

Gabby‘s visit to Erich‘s hometown of Bedminster, New Jersey, was extra somber, because — as Erich, had previously told Gabby — his dad Allan had been diagnosed with cancer years earlier and “was legitimately supposed to die like three times.”

While Allan lived long enough to meet the Bachelorette at the hometown date and “really liked Gabby,” according to real estate analyst Erich, he never got to see his son’s season of The Bachelorette air. Allan passed away at age 65 on July 6, just five days before Season 19’s premiere, as reported by People.

“Thankful for everything you’ve done for me,” Erich posted on Instagram July 9. “We are gonna miss the hell out of you Big AL. I love you so much dad.”

Erich shared another photo collage of his dad, simply captioned with a red-heart emoji, as the hometown date aired.

Allan shared during the episode that he had been in the ICU with appendiceal cancer for about 40 days before Erich and Gabby arrived for their hometown date.

“But I’m still here,” Allan told Erich and ICU nurse Gabby. “I’m happy. I’m positive, so that’s good. I really admire the ICU nurses. They’re so sharp.”

Allan revealed that his latest scan showed his cancer had returned. “I already went through three rounds of chemo,” he informed Gabby. “The first two did nothing. And the third one almost killed me.”

Erich appreciated his dad’s effort during the hometown date, but noted how it challenged his father.

“He’s struggling for sure to be there to meet Gabby and for it to be like a family thing,” Erich said in an on-camera confessional during the show. “I have to show my dad how much she means to me because it’s really important.”

The date ultimately strengthened both Erich and Gabby‘s feelings for each other, as such an emotional experience together naturally would.

Gabby confessed to the cameras that seeing Erich with his family “made my feelings so much deeper for him.”

Later, Gabby and Erich got some one-on-one time after the family meetup. “I am really falling for you, Gabby,” Erich said. “I think now I might even be falling in love with you.”

Our hearts and well-wishes go out to Erich and his family at this difficult time.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth]