Reality TV Listings - Big Brother 20

Big Brother Is The Most Watched Streaming Reality TV Series Of The Summer

Big Brother has been the reality show of the summer for the past 24 years and this latest report from The Hollywood Reporter naming it the most watched streaming series of the summer is no surprise.

According to CBS, Big Brother 24 — which is currently airing and has been the center of controversy —  has drawn around 8.3 billion minutes of viewing time across all platforms. This number includes the 3 weekly airings of the show plus the 24/7 live feeds that stream on Paramount+. The network also announces that the show has outdrawn every streaming series in terms of viewing time.

The show’s format is an interesting one for viewers. The houseguests compete in what is practically a large social experiment filled with physical and mental competitions to see who stays afloat and is crowned the winner after nearly 100 days locked away in a house with no outside interaction. “Big Brother is the original cross-platform reality series, and 24 seasons later it’s still generating large audiences and engagement numbers across our CBS and Paramount platforms. This data speaks loudly to the passion for the franchise, and how the power of broadcast television with strong streaming partners can aggregate an audience,” said CBS Entertainment’s president.

During the first week of the show’s airing, many of the cast members were under fire for their harsh treatment of houseguest Taylor Hale. A former Miss Michigan USA, players in the game noted they were coming after her because pregnant girls just have a “bad rap”. Despite being anything but kind, Taylor was subjected to a lot of harsh treatment by her co-stars like Daniel Durston, Nicole Layog, and others.

The show took a turn however when Paloma Aguilar self-evicted throwing a wrench in the game’s format the first week allowing Taylor to escape eviction. After that, Taylor flipped the game on its head by saving herself week after week and becoming one of the strongest players in the house. The constant back and forth, manipulation, and of course, the drama makes for such an interesting watch. As the season prepares to come to an end here soon, there’s still a lot more gameplay left and as the show’s slogan says — expect the unexpected.


[Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]