The Bachelorette Erich Schwer

Erich Schwer Reportedly Joined The Bachelorette For His Career

Uh oh. Cue the tears.

Erich Schwer, who is the last contestant standing vying for Gabby Windey’s heart (and Final Rose) on this season of The Bachelorette, allegedly joined the show to advance his career. Page Six is reporting that Erich’s ex-girlfriend, Amanda Kaylor, has publicly leaked some revealing text messages.

Last week, Amanda shared screenshots of the alleged messages exchanged between herself and Erich from March 2022, just before the New Jersey native left to film the reality show.

“I know this isn’t ideal, I wanted to do this to see if there was something else I could do with my life. I really like you Amanda,” Erich texted his ex, who he met online only a couple of months prior.

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal but I understand how you feel. I’m sorry and I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore.”

Whoa, was he apologizing to her for going on a show and portraying himself as someone who is looking for a wife, while implying that they could still be together after the show? Sounds like maybe somebody is committing the Cardinal Sin of Bachelor Nation: not being there for the “right reasons.”

Amanda responded to the reality star with, “You just expected me to continue dating you while you go on a reality show to ‘find love?'”

To which Erich replied, “It isn’t real, but you’re right. I am sorry I really didn’t think this all through.” Apparently not.

Erich then went on to apologize to Amanda, saying he “didn’t realize the implications” of his decision and wasn’t trying to hurt her. The real estate agent claimed he applied to the show to “figure out” who he is, adding he needed a “change,” while feeling “stuck” in his career path.

Then less than two weeks after Erich had dropped the bomb, he sent Amanda a bouquet of flowers — roses, of course! — before leaving for the show, in hopes it would make her “smile.”

The couple ended contact with each other until the show premiered in July, two months after filming wrapped.

Following the completion of filming the show, Erich supposedly reached out to his ex-girlfriend once again, reiterating how sorry he was before revealing he still thinks about her “all the time.”

(Ooooooh, Spoiler Alert! Does this mean he and Gabby are no longer together?)

Amanda was less than impressed by the mea culpa and viewed it as Erich‘s ploy to “save himself from anything to harm his newfound fame and reputation.”

After sharing the screenshots, Amanda claims she just wanted to “shine a light on his true character” ahead of the Bachelorette finale and the After the Final Rose special. In other words, “Let’s give ’em something to talk about” at the ATFR.

Prior to the leaked texts, Erich previously addressed backlash on Instagram for a recently surfaced high school yearbook photo of him in Blackface and an Afro wig. “I wholeheartedly apologize for the insensitive photo of me in Blackface from my high school yearbook that has been circulating,” he said. “What I thought at the time was a representation of my love for Jimi Hendrix, was nothing but ignorance.”

That’s two strikes, Erich: one for the yearbook photo, and a second for the incriminating text messages. Maybe three, when you think about the way he seemingly used his own dying father (who subsequently passed before the show aired) to gain sympathy. We’ll see if Gabby can let these slide at tonight’s finale.

And unless she changes her mind, it sounds like Amanda is done with him, too. In one of her text messages she said, “Well, I’m heartbroken. Really hope you get all the fame and business opportunities you are looking for.”

To which Erich replied, “I am not well Amanda. You make me happy but I am deeply unhappy with myself. You are better off without me in the long run, trust me.”

Sounds like Gabby probably is, too.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth]