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Bachelor in Paradise’s Sierra Jackson Healing At Home After Shocking Split From Michael Allio

A couple since the first day they met on the beach in Mexico, Michael Allio (from Katie Thurston‘s season of The Bachelorette) and Sierra Jackson (from Clayton Echard‘s season of The Bachelor) broke up this past week on Bachelor in Paradise.

Many viewers were shocked, since they seemed to get along so well, but Michael said he felt that something was just “missing” from their relationship.

Sierra decided to leave Paradise immediately following the split, since she didn’t want to watch him date anyone else (wise choice) and is now healing from her heartbreak at home, as reported by US Magazine.

“Just know . . . I’m OK & well,” Sierra wrote via her Instagram Story after the Monday, October 10 episode aired. “At the time, I knew what I could/couldn’t handle mentally & emotionally. I had enough self awareness to recognize that staying on the beach wasn’t in my best interest. I didn’t see it playing out in a positive way, so I thought it best I go home.”

The Oklahoma native packed her bags (or left them for a production assistant to do) after Michael told her that he just wanted to be friends. The couple had been together since their first day in Paradise, but the business owner worried that things were moving too fast. Sierra was already looking forward to “being a stepmom” and talking about including Michael’s young son in their proposal, after just a couple of days together. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

Michael is a single father of son James, 6. His wife, Laura, died of cancer at age 38 in 2019.

“[Sierra] exhibits all of the characteristics that I’m looking for in a partner, but I’m noticing that every time I take a step forward, I start taking a few steps back because I’m guarded and I’m concerned based on my traumatic past finding its way to the surface,” Michael said during a confessional interview on Monday’s episode. “I’m dealing with the grief element in my life. There’s just this weird, weird thing that happens where I think I’ve found it, it feels good, and then I get in my head and I push people away. And I feel really bad about that.”

Totally understandable, after what he’s been through. But maybe he shouldn’t be going on shows where people are looking for love if you’re not ready. Michael needs a little more time in therapy.

After Michael told Sierra that he wasn’t ready to move forward, the yoga instructor decided to leave the show. “I just don’t want to date anyone else,” she explained. “I also don’t want to see him date other people.”

In her Instagram post, Sierra said she was “very confused & upset” when she left Mexico, but she “was able to gain clarity & understanding through time.” She also pointed out that time seems to move differently on BIP. “Some may think I came on strong but remember, you have one month . . . & a day feels like a week in paradise.”

Past Paradise alums have explained that in “the real world,” you might spend two or three hours a week with a person you’ve just started dating. But in Paradise, you’re with that person 24 hours a day for weeks, speeding up the process.

Sierra said she took the potential responsibility of meeting Michael’s son very seriously, since she was the child of a single mother herself.

“When someone has a child, you MUST be accepting of the responsibility that holds & show up 100%,” Sierra wrote. “My mother was a single parent at a point in time & my oldest sister as well. I value time & never want to waste mine or someone else’s & when you go into things unsure or without communicating & thinking things through . . . you hurt others.”

The Oklahoma native repeated what she’d said earlier about not wanting to be present on the beach if Michael decided to pursue someone else. “I didn’t want to possibly get involved in a love triangle down the line & it would’ve been cruel to use another man as a rebound,” Sierra continued. “I’m proud I didn’t hold back, I showed up as myself, & stayed true to my character by leaving. I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and God was working every step of the way. Blessings do come in disguises.”

In a tweet, Sierra further asked fans to “respect” Michael’s choice to end their romance. “Michael is a grown man that will make decisions he feels are best for him & his family,” she wrote on Monday. “His choices & feelings are valid & the vision he may have for his future is as well. Let’s respect that. Redirection is beautiful.”

Despite her emotional exit from Paradise, Sierra was still able to joke about the moment. She shared a TikTok video after the episode aired with the caption, “Explaining to your girls he just wants to ‘be friends.'” In the clip, she lip-synced to a voiceover of someone saying, “You’re confused? I’m f–king confused, bro.”

We’ve all been there, Sierra. But as nice as Michael may be, he just isn’t your person. Hopefully, your person is coming soon.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin]