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Married At First Sight Recap: This Isn’t Best Friends At First Sight

Decision day for the Married At First Sight couples is fast approaching. Each spouse spends time with friends and loved ones as they contemplate whether to stay married or get a divorce. I can’t wait until decision day. From the trailer, things are going to get real! I am literally going to be sitting on the edge of my seat with my popcorn. This will be yet another season, where things are up in the air for many. This season has been full of constant ups and downs. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what everyone decides.

The clock nearly runs out, and the couples have only a few days until Decision Day. Couples have one last chance to get answers to any remaining questions.  This ruins the final night for one couple and challenges others. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Krysten and Mitch

Krysten is at peace ahead of decision day. But, she still wants a grand gesture from Mitch to prove that he truly wants to be married to her. Meanwhile, Mitch admits that he enjoyed going back to regular life when he left for his convention when speaking to a friend. He is confused as to what real daily life would look like wife long term. Although he cares for her, he isn’t in love. His friend challenges him not to walk away from a good thing because everything isn’t perfect.

It seems Krysten is doing everything possible to hint that she is open to staying married. To date, she has been pretty direct about what she wants Mitch to do to make her feel comfortable. But he isn’t able to give her a definitive declaration just yet. But he may be open to staying together, if she can accept that. Although she claims that she is open, I don’t believe that is completely true. She has told everyone she wanted a grand gesture and for the person to be completely into her, so I’m not sure if she is being honest with herself.

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy shares some of her marital frustrations with her friend. Although her friend doesn’t want to sway her either way, she encourages Lindy to weigh the pros and cons of her relationship. Later at dinner, Miguel apologizes again for his behavior at the retreat. But, he admits that Lindy’s personality can be overwhelming and draining. Honestly, I don’t know if these two are a match. I can’t see either of them being willing to make any adjustments to their personality.

Stacia and Nate

Stacia talks to her friend Jewel about Nate‘s concerns about moving into her new home. She is also worried about his lack of relationship experience. Meanwhile, he seeks counsel from his dad and his friend about his fear of moving in together and having children. His dad encourages him to keep moving forward, if they care for one another.

During a group outing, Stacia reveals she wishes Nate had more life experience. She uses her opinion on traveling with a child as an example. Later at dinner, they discuss their feelings about their marriage up until this point. She shares that she worries if he will be able to get to a deeper level of affection for her. Being questioned seems to trigger him. He storms off from the table yelling he is done. I guess I can see both sides. Of course, Stacia wants passion and love from her husband. I can also see why Nate feels like his efforts have gone unnoticed.

Things escalate further when Stacia goes to speak with Nate. He lets her know he isn’t in love yet & doesn’t appreciate his motives being questioned. Stacia tries to explain what she meant when she said he goes through the motions, but it’s too late. Nate tells her not only does he not want to be stuck with her, but he doesn’t want to even be married to her. Obviously, he doesn’t think he can meet her expectations. Later, he does apologize and express regret for his words. But when Stacia doesn’t just readily accept his apology, they are right back at square one.

Alexis and Justin

Justin vents to his mom about how nervous he is that Alexis will say no on decision day. They are not only having communication, but intimacy issues as well. His mother tells him flat out to get freaky. After giving up his dog, he thought things were set until his wife revealed she was still unsure. Alexis is still looking for more changes from her husband. As a self-admitted runner, she has a lot to think about before decision day.

Justin presents Alexis with her favorite flowers on their last dinner before decision day. He admits that he has been in his head a lot due to fear. Alexis actually acknowledges that he has done some self-reflection and asks what does she needs to work on. Then hits him with a curve ball by saying they may be better off as friends. Okay, I didn’t think this conversation was about to go in this direction. Sigh! This is one of the couples that I am most interested in what they will decide on decision day.




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