Luke Gulbranson Addresses His Drama With Craig Conover

The boys are fighting! Luke Gulbranson is addressing where he currently stands with Craig Conover following their big blowup on season 2 of Winter House.

“I mean, he is who he is. I am who I am,” Luke told Us Weekly at BravoCon 2022. “You know, some people are friends and meant to be friends and some just aren’t.” However, Luke didn’t just stop there. “Craig is Craig. And I really don’t have an opinion [about him],” he finished.

Luke and Craig were both involved in a massive fight during the filmimg of Winter House. Viewers were given a sneak peek of their fight in the trailer, but have since seen it play out on Bravo. After a sticky situation with newcomer Jessica Stocker, Craig blew up on Luke for allegedly making some of the women “uncomfortable”. Craig was super serious here, shouting at Luke from across the house about not touching his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo.

“You just touched my f–ing girlfriend,” Craig yelled at Luke before getting inches from his face. “I will throw you through a goddamn window!” After this, Luke leaves their winter house, leaving the tension in the house thick.

Back in October, Craig told Us Weekly, “I have a lot of conviction when it comes to girls and guys relationships and [there was] something that hapoened that I didn’t agree with.” Making his position crystal clear, he also added that his “messages get lost [because of] my delivery.” He admits that is something he is “working on.”

On his fight wiht Luke, the Southern Charm star said, “I think my message was correct, but my delivery was bad. But also, you know, I’m not saying that girls don’t do this, but for guys, like, the fight was about the issue at hand, it had nothing to do with me and Luke having personal feelings about each other.”

Even though Luke expressed he has no feelings regarding his Winter House roommate, Craig had a little more to say to that. “I still, like, I don’t wanna say I love Luke, but, like, we’ve had great times with him. … But the argument at hand was about something that happened that night,” he said.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]