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Southern Charm Naomie Olindo

The men of Southern Charm are very familiar with, well, making disappointing decisions. Shep Rose’s womanizing ways. Craig Conover’s law school lies. Austen Kroll’s threesome video. Don’t even get me started on Thomas Ravenel. The only man we can truly rely on is Michael Kelcourse and his picture-perfect martinis. But throughout seven seasons, most of the men have grown up, even a litttttle bit. Look at our Craigy — owning his own law firm and making big business out of his sewing. Shep has even settled down with a girlfriend, which still shocks me. As for Austen, well, at least he stopped the toxic cycle with Madison LeCroy, albeit, that should’ve been over a long time ago.

While the main Southern Charmers are changing for the better, the side characters are still proving that sometimes, dudes just suck. AKA Naomie Olindo’s now ex-boyfriend Metul Shah. Naomie and Metul got together after her split with Craig, and he seemed to finally be her prince charming. She even up and moved to NYC for him, just for this man to have THE AUDACITY to cheat on her. What a shame. Even Craigy knew not to mess up that bad and Naomie was still the one that got away.

Naomie Olindo Asks Fans To Stop Bashing Metul Shah And Says Split Is “Incredibly Embarrassing”

When Naomie Olindo was a mainstay on Southern Charm, she was a bit of an underrated star. Sure, her relationship with Craig Conover was downright toxic, but I also appreciate a girl who knows what she wants. And for Naomie, that apparently didn’t involve a sewing machine WHATSOEVER. Naomie wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her friends. She called out J.D. Madison to his face for his alleged infidelity. She defended Kathryn Dennis against vicious attacks from supervillain Ashley Jacobs. And she was genuinely friends with members of the cast prior to the show. #JusticeForNaomie

And who could forget Naomie and Craig’s dramatic break-up? It was like a trainwreck you couldn’t stop watching. Naomie seemingly found love with Metul Shah, leading her to depart from Southern Charm in general and move to New York City to be with her man. But, men, why do they always have to be so disappointing? The couple split this week amid rumors that Metul was NOT being faithful to Queen Naomie. I bet even Craig is shaking his head at this, despite the hard feelings.

Leah McSweeney

Bravo recently changed the direction of the Real Housewives franchise.  What started as mindless entertainment about luxury lifestyles shifted towards addressing societal ills in America.  Of course, producers won’t give up on the irresistible formula that turned Real Housewives into the success story that it is.  There’s still plenty of bickering, fights, drunken antics, and the lifestyle in general.  But taking a cue from the Black Lives Matter movement, these ladies are now discussing race relations and white privilege.  It’s ruffling some feathers within the cast and viewers.

It started with the addition of Tiffany Moon to the Real Housewives of Dallas cast.  Tiffany shared her culture and experience of being Asian in America.  Then Crystal Kung Minkoff joined Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with the same premise in mind.  Real Housewives of New York was an all white group until Eboni K. Williams and Bershan Shaw were added for Season 13.  Even Southern Charm took on race relations.  Leva Bonaparte confronted Charleston’s dark history, and Kathryn Dennis’ ancestry.

Craig Conover

Summer 2021 has been a lot of things. Hot girl summer. Vaccinated girl summer. Also the summer where Bravo is really trying to make a Summer House and Southern Charm crossover happen, over and over again. It’s only a matter of time before Summer House Winter Charm premiere, in which Austen Kroll and Craig Conover join the good vibe tribe on a snowy vacation. And now that Craig is single as a (John) Pringle, he’s trading in Charleston bar crawls for Hamptons white parties.

Craig has been having a pretty good year. He opened a pillow store in Charleston, signed a book deal and finally seems to have grown up and found his passion in life. But who knows now that his ex Naomie Olindo appears to be single again if Craigy will go crawling back to his first love, or keep living life Shep Rose style with Austen as his wingman. Only time will tell.

Naomie Olindo And Metul Shah Break Up Amid Cheating Rumors

Ladies, never let a man (or anyone) tell you what to eat. Despite fans of Southern Charm seemingly rallying around Naomie Olindo’s new relationship with Metul Shah prior to her exit from the show altogether, things were always a bit off in my opinion. Negging is not a love language people!

Following her split from Craig Conover, Naomie found love in a hopeless place. She fell into the arms of a very fine anesthesiology resident. Too bad he never treated her with a shred of respect even with several cameras in his face. Always a great sign!

Brody Jenner

My favorite weeknights are Wednesdays. This is because I get a double dose of BH drama with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Hills: New Beginnings. The latter brings me back to my teens with a potent shot of nostalgia – particularly whenever Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge are on screen. Will they, or won’t they? Please do something more than flirt like you never left high school!

At this point though, I’ll take the nostalgia over RHOBH’s lack of anything interesting right now. Not much even happens on The Hills: New Beginnings– the drama is vague and dulled by everyone’s laid back California vibe. I still watch with glee, especially because insane characters and crystal moguls Heidi Pratt and Spencer Pratt seemingly live on another planet. Brody even seems to know that not much ever happens on the show – which is why he’s calling for Kristin Cavallari to come back full-time.

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Wrote A Book Called “Pillow Talk”

Craig Conover has grown quite a lot since the early days of Southern Charm. His lies about law school put his cat Gizmo right in the middle of his toxic relationship with Naomie Olindo. After their split, Craig leaned into his sewing game heavily. Now he’s got his own pillow company and brick-and-mortar store. He also finally opened his own law firm to prove to his naysayers that he really was getting around to finishing law school. Just, at his own pace which definitely wasn’t fast enough for a go-getter like Naomie.

Even his feud with Austen Kroll’s ex Madison LeCroy cooled down a bit. Well, after Craig exposed Madison for her FaceTime dates with Alex Rodriguez that may or may not be responsible for the reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Needless to say, there have been plenty of surprises throughout the seven seasons of the show. The only thing that remains the same these days is Patricia Altschul’s afternoon martini habit.

Craig finally seems to be on the up-and-up after suffering a bit from Peter Pan syndrome. But that seems to be part of the deal when you’re friends with Shep Rose. Now that Shep has grown up a bit, totally credited to his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green, Craig has too. He’s got a podcast with Austen among his new business endeavors and the two will be making an appearance in the Summer House/Southern Charm spinoff, Summer House Winter Charm (that NAME). Craigy’s been living the single life, hanging out with Paige DeSorbo and begging Kristin Cavallari to appear on Southern Charm. And I have to root for him – he can be immature at times but seems to have a good heart. And I only want good things to come for Craig and his pillows.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

It’s a tale as old as time… Madison LeCroy is not exactly a wallflower and if you’ve watched Southern Charm, you’re aware of this information. Madison is also not terribly shy and has no qualms about sharing her feelings with boyfriends, ex-friends, and the general public. So it makes sense Mads was brought on as a full time cast member after suffering through a relationship with Austen Kroll to get there.

Thanks to Madison, viewers had to endure approximately 3,893 replays of Austen’s unfortunately-timed three-way and a repeated appearance in his boxer briefs, which no one wanted. The content of Southern Charm primarily revolves around imbibing vast quantities of alcohol and allowing shameful antics to be filmed for ratings. After a controversial year involving multiple alleged scandals with men who wear athletic shoes, Madison recently revealed she has a new man and is over the moon. After some drinks on Sunday, Madison revealed a lot more, including the moon.