90 Day Fiancé's Debbie Aguero and Oussama
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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way – Debbie Aguero Says It Would Take ‘Act of God’ for Oussama To Win Her Back

My girl, Debbie Aguero from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. This storyline took a turn a couple of episodes ago and it wasn’t in anyone’s best interest.

The backstory: Debbie gave up her life and regular time with her children to move to Morocco with the then, love of her life, Oussama. They are an eccentric match by far, but it goes to show appearances are deceiving. They both have a deep love and appreciation for art and Debbie swooned for him.

The Other Way: Change of character

Oussama changed right in front of our eyes, and after Debbie gave up everything to sit on an upholstered, flower toilet seat. I kid because she’s had her share of third world, but she low-key needs some sanitizing wipes.

Debbie has been unlucky in love in the sense that her other relationships weren’t forever, but Oussama was supposed to be that guy. After he turned on her, I’m surprised she even entertains the idea of hearing him out. How could you mistake him talking about being a mf and he’s getting a green card, or it’s over.

Oussama’s family has said how happy they are he’s getting a green card. Debbie told them no way so O’s sister asks him, and he indicates he has no problem. But then, later on he changes his tune. He even suggests Debs is mentally ill for poking the proverbial bear while he paints. I guess his creative process can bring out a whole other side when disrupted.

90 Day: The aftermath

Debbie meets with O even though the situation is telling for her and her son (who was already suspicious). It seemed like she knew the relationship was done, but her heart is leading the way.

O tries to insinuate going to America was always their plan. In the words of Debbie, “WWWhhaa?” We heard you say you were fine in Morocco. And now, you’re flip-flopping because a life can’t be made there? I know gaslighting is a trending term, but this just might be it. Misunderstanding? Maybe O, but you were sure to tell us you wanted to go to the U.S. from the beginning.

Debs is financially comfortable in her own right and has been to Morocco numerous times. She didn’t fly in blind (just with all her suitcases). Debbie suggests O’s love is conditional and he chalks it up to opinion. Cut to interview, and now his love is dwindling day by day. And that is why she finally concludes there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of rekindling this relationship.

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