RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 8 / Image: World of Wonder

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8, Episode 5 Recap: Snatch Game of Love

Did we just get our first unanimous vote of the season? It took four eliminations, but the remaining cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars were all in agreement about sending Darienne Lake packing. It’s sad, because she is one heck of a talented queen. When you’re up against some of the best in the business, however, you cannot afford to make a single mistake.

One contestant who is avoiding mistakes altogether is Jimbo. While she can’t win a lip sync to save her life, she’s got the runways and challenges down. It’s something that the others feel is painting a bit of a target on her back. Which leads into the drama a little later on in the episode…

Everybody say love!

It’s Snatch Game week! More specifically, Snatch Game of Love. Heidi N Closet is taking on Blackbeard the Pirate, for some reason. Meanwhile, Kandy Muse is Renee Graziano, of Mob Wives fame. Going straight for RuPaul’s heart though? That would be Alexis Michelle, opting to take on Bea Arthur. Alexis is a former Snatch Game winner, and she knows she has to go above and beyond to impress. Jimbo feels the same, and will be playing Shirley Temple. A hard one to make funny, you may think. Jaymes Mansfield rounds out the memorable character choices, bringing Jennifer Coolidge to Snatch Game, shockingly, for the first time ever.

The first group is a bit of a bust. Heidi does her best, but it is Jaymes who is carrying the heavy load. Kahanna Montrese doesn’t do a great job as her drag mother, and Drag Race icon, Coco Montrese. Jessica Wild also leaves a lot to be desired as Iris Chacón, but that charisma means we’re smiling throughout anyway.

When it comes to the second group, there are laughs from every angle. Alexis and Jimbo go head to head as frontrunners, but it is the latter who brings it home with some excellent physical comedy. Don’t just use your words, future Drag Racers. Use everything at your disposal!

A premature exit for one queen

Back in the Werkroom the next day, the tea that has been threatening to boil over is finally spilled. Heidi told Jimbo off camera that Kandy is gunning for her. They had a conversation, in which Alexis was involved, when this was apparently said. Kandy confronts Heidi about it, just as Heidi is making peace with Kahanna for making her feel some sort of way during the Snatch Game of Love. The timing couldn’t have been worse.

Heidi asks Alexis to back her up. At first, Alexis says that this did indeed happen. When Kandy questions the exact wording, however, she backs down. This leads to Heidi leaving the Werkroom – for good. She doesn’t like the direction the storyline is going in, and feels the toxicity has gotten too much. Good for her for putting her mental health first.

For what it’s worth, this just seems like a case of semantics. Kandy probably said that if Jimbo was in the bottom and she had the chance to eliminate her, she would consider it. But the wording of “gunning for” Jimbo seemed to be what she had a problem with. Nobody involved was actually lying. They were all just viewing the situation from a different angle. Thankfully, it looks like Kandy, Jimbo, and Heidi are still all good friends away from the show.

Bring it to the runway

As Ru confirmed that Heidi had left the competition – and would not be entered into the Fame Games – the runway for the week got underway. Category is: Ruveal Yourself. Basically, the queens had better bring a ruveal or six to the runway, or they’ll be read for filth!

Thankfully, everybody does a stellar job. Following on from their Snatch Game of Love success, Alexis and Jimbo deliver the most memorable looks of the week. Michelle Visage tells Jaymes that they need to do something a little different the next time they come to the runway. She seems to be getting tired of the same color palette.

When all is said and done, both Kandy and LaLa Ri are safe. Jimbo wins her third challenge in five episodes, while Alexis and Jaymes are both safe. This leaves Kahanna and Jessica in the bottom two. Will Jimbo end her lip sync losing streak against this week’s Lip Sync Assassin? When we see Jasmine Kennedie stand out from behind the stage, it’s not looking good for the bologna-throwing Jimbo.

Five seconds into the lip sync, Jimbo almost falls over. She regains her composure and has a good time, but she stands no chance against the twirls, flips, and kicks of Jasmine. With $20,000 on the line, Jimbo fluffs it once again. Next week’s $30,000 is looking tasty for the queens in the wings, as Ru reveals Jasmine has taken the win.

But – SILENCE! Ru has an announcement to make. She won’t ever stop being blonde. Oh, and nobody is going home this week. Losing Heidi was traumatic enough for Mama Ru. Celebrations! But they can’t last, as the show must go on.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 continues Fridays on Paramount+ in the US, and WOW Presents Plus in the UK.