SUMMER HOUSE: MARTHA'S VINEYARD -- "S1 Premiere Event" -- Pictured: (l-r) Mariah Torres, Preston Mitchum, Jordan Emanuel, Amir Lancaster, Nicholas "Nick" Arrington, Bria Fleming, Milo Fleming, Summer Marie Thomas, Alex Tyree, Jason Lyke, Jasmine Ellis Cooper -- (Photo by: Noam Galai/BRAVO via Getty Images)

Will Summer House Martha’s Vineyard Get a Second Season After Low Ratings?

Dear Diary, can you believe Summer House Martha’s Vineyard Episode 6 will be here soon? What’s the chance of a Season 2, and is Bravo invested in the show being a hit, or a miss?

The network hasn’t given us much to work with (yet). We’ve met some interesting people, played into some interesting dynamics, and been sunning in a new location (yay). But is that enough? And where are the ratings to go from here?

This isn’t The Hamptons

True, it’s hard to follow around 12 people in a rotating cast, but the formula for the edit seems to question – are we seeing anything at all? We have some petty squabbles for a vacation, have gained little insight about the historic location, and the cast has partaken in more workout and summer camp activities than anything. Yes, the cast is living their usual 15 day vacation, but are we seeing everything there is to see? And could the production of it all be the reason the show isn’t hitting?

Don’t get me wrong. The following is consistent so far. Viewership has not dropped significantly. It’s more so that it has stayed at that level, and those numbers don’t encourage long-term staying power. The first four episodes had less viewers than the least watched episode of Summer House OG Season 5. And MV follows RHOA, which is currently dwindling in ratings.

That also begs the question, does the Summer House soup work for this cast? Or does Bravo need to differentiate this cast in having their own swagger. We know this show didn’t become “Summer House” until after it filmed. Should it have a strikingly different lens than the Hamptons?

Also, what are we seeing versus what didn’t make the cut? Are we to believe that queer activist and attorney, Preston Mitchum has little to say all season? An attorney? Or that Amir Lancaster’s personal issues are not being spoken about in interview? He’s crying in the kitchen, and the popcorn is burning waiting for the deets.

And how about cool guy, Alex Tyree? He is not going to enlighten us to his chill guy lifestyle? Or perhaps we gain more insight on outside cast lives and jobs? We have heard much about their pasts, but not that much about the present (with a few exceptions).

Milo and Phil

Who are the true standouts? Right now, a cute little dog and wildling Phil Brooks. Phil had to go, but Milo really is the best part of the show. Why aren’t dachshund stans from all over (taking pictures with their dogs while) watching the show in matching sweaters and PJs? You tell me.

Next season needs to film now and deliver.

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