TODAY -- Pictured: Terry Crews on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

America’s Got Talent Season 18 Episode 2 Recap: Will It Be the Young or the Old?

It’s Episode 2 of America’s Got Talent. Terry Crews looks great, Heidi Klum’s wearing the same neon orange ensemble from last week (till later), and Simon Cowell looks like he’s had a lot of work done.

Dance, sing, or head on head stands?

We start with a 10-year-old dancer, and he is fierce. Seriously, he is vibrant. I’ve seen a lot of professional dancers never commit, and a lot of less technical dancers leave it all onstage. The latter wins out almost every time. But this kid has talent, he’s musical, and his faces are legit. Poor thing cries after, due to his bullying at school, but the judges encourage him to keep going, honey – you’re great!

Next, we bring out a “very blessed” trap choir. Yassss, the godfather of trap music would be proud! The judges ask whose idea it was for them to come on the show – “God’s idea.” Does that mean the almighty, or T.I.? As for their performance, the group harmonizes well! And it’s a bit of a mash up! Needless to say, the judges are here for it.

The duo that follows is from East Africa and has been training for five years – eight hours a day, five days a week. They describe their act as dangerous, and the crew seriously bolts down a ladder on stage. They start with a head on head stand as they walk down the stairs. They have perfected the counterbalance! And now they are going backwards up the stairs! Heidi needs Howie Mandel’s support because one guy is now climbing the ladder with the other on his head (zero hands). Terry keeps saying, “no nets,” in awe.

Straight from Iowa, Japan, and Indonesia

Our next act looks like Reba McEntire, but was a corporate pilot in a past life. What’s she doing? She’s a professional caller. Like, hey, let’s call in the cows, the pigs, and Simon for dinner. The judges ultimately pass.

Our next group, had me from hello. This is professional level choreography. It’s cohesive, and the timing is on point. It’s not as much in the technical realm, but puts on a good show. Do you know how they usually get this in sync? It requires repetitive practice, but every single time someone messes up the group starts over. It’s a long, yet effective process.

Our pianist/singer is Indonesian and she is a bright light. Her sight is gone, but she can see in other ways. From the moment she starts to play, she has a sweet, but serious voice. The whole audience, no doubt has the pricklies. And here’s hoping she gets into her dream school of Julliard.

Simon wants more! He jumps up on stage and asks her and her father if she can sing another. Could she be the next Whitney and Michael Bublé rolled into one? Terry is definitely a fan because he is jumping up and down with her parents. And Simon is touched because he hits the golden buzzer.

Adult show, kid show, and a grandmom on fire

Finally, a female magician, and she is witty. Magic and naughty jokes for days. Heidi is blushing, Sofia Vergara doesn’t have her glasses to read, and the act as a whole ropes all the judges in. Heidi asks if she can keep her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Is the best part of the episode the kid interviews? One kid wants to buy a condo and rent out one side of it (how economical). Another wants a fluffy bed with fluffy pillows (how practical). And there are a couple puppies in there (how sweet). Mrs. Fluffy Bed shows us her muscles and is, of course excited to meet Terry and his muscles. We’re not sure what to expect from a six-year-old, but she comes with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. And she’s more believable than Gaga. Let me ask you – would you go see a comedy/singing/dancing show in Vegas that was all larger-than-life child performers?

What else do we see. A man past his prime try to break his own Guinness Record. And an elderly man on fire, throwing knives at his 85-year-old supportive mother. They were both entertaining.

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