Lindsie Chrisley
(Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Insiders Deny Lindsie Chrisley’s Claims She’s ‘Fine’ With Siblings

Lindsie Chrisley is now giving us insight into what we already suspected. Being Todd Chrisley’s daughter can’t be easy – and the same goes for Savannah Chrisley. While Chrisley Knows Best was on the air, a lot of content revolved around Todd pitting family members against each other. It was supposed to be funny.

He never minded playing favorites and his favorite was obvious – also supposed to be funny. The truth is, Todd’s relationship with his kids from his first marriage was vastly different than his bond with Savannah, Chase, and Grayson Chrisley.

Amid her parents’ incarceration, now she’s fighting with her siblings. According to Lindsie, they were raised that way.

The petty of it all …

On an episode of her podcast (how many podcasts does one person need?) Coffee Convos, Lindsie’s co-host Kail Lowry asked what prompted Linds to fully block her brothers and sister on social media.

“We just be petty spaghetti all the time. We were raised like that.” She continued, “We were raised to fight each other and that’s it. And I mean, everything is fine. It was just a funny thing for me to do.” Side note, Lindsie actually said, “We just be petty spaghetti,” I did not have a stroke and type it incorrectly…

She added, “I was like, ‘Ha ha, got ya! Got you first! Like, I got you before you got me!’ Honestly, this is the real deal: had I not been the blocker, I would have been blocked. So that’s what happened.” 

Despite Lindsie’s jovial attitude towards not speaking to her family, an insider shared, “[things are] are not fine,” and “It’s a false narrative.” The only person Linds is following at this point is her brother Kyle Chrisley, from Todd’s first wife. So it looks like the blended family isn’t very blended anymore.

Not her first time at the block button rodeo

Lindsie also said this wasn’t her first time hitting the block button. “First of all, everybody be blocking everybody. So, that’s number one. … I didn’t even do anything to anybody one time and then somehow, I got blocked on Todd Chrisley’s Instagram and then he told me that I blocked him.”

Once again, Lindsay verbally said, “Everybody be blocking everybody,” not a typo. She continued, “And I’m like, ‘Bro, I’m looking at my blocked list, and you ain’t there. Figure out your own s—.’ Yet, he blocked me and had to go all the way to the top of Instagram to figure out how to get me off because I was blocked for so f—ing long.” And let’s not forget there was speculation surrounding Lindsie’s involvement with providing info about Todd’s finances to the Feds.

Further, Lindsie explained, “[I] didn’t start the war. I didn’t start the blocking game. I just feel like if people are just gonna, like, skeez on you and stuff and be upset by s— you post, then they just shouldn’t see it.”

It sounds like none of these Chrisleys actually know best.