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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Denise Richards Aaron Phypers

Looks like Aaron Phypers doesn’t have to rely only on paychecks from his wife rich folks looking to heal themselves via radio frequencies anymore! Thanks to his beloved, Denise Richards, Aaron can now call himself a soap opera star. Aaron has already made himself quite known on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. His dinner party conversation is only decipherable after 9 shots of tequila or a trip to the local dispensary.

While the entertainment industry is finding it’s legs and putting shows back on television, certain changes will go into effect to ensure the safety of cast and crews. Reality television can proceed with adjustments, but scripted programs will present specific issues. Namely, close contact with people you don’t live with and… dun, dun, duuuun, love scenes. As Denise returns to the set of The Bold & The Beautiful, she explains how intimate scenes during a pandemic will go down.

Lisa Rinna Accuses QVC Of Silencing Her Politics After “Karens” Complain To Network

Lisa Rinna, by her own accounts, has a big mouth. Some might say both figuratively and literally. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is definitely no wallflower, and the pot is never still when she is around. Rinna certainly isn’t in danger of losing her diamond, seeing as she has no issue exposing her inner-most thoughts and feelings – and sometimes body parts.

Other Lisa is also transparent when it comes to politics. We got a glimpse of Lisa’s feisty side during a dramatic dinner party. She clutched her pearls as Camille Donatucci Grammer Meyer defended a Supreme Court nominee accused of sexual misconduct. Lisa is also quite vocal on social media. A supporter of LGBTQIA, Black Lives Matter, and most recently, bringing awareness to the murder of George Floyd. Now it appears Lisa is being silenced. People who don’t agree with her have complained to QVC, where she holds a successful clothing brand. According to Rinna, QVC allegedly told her to shut the politics down if she wants to keep her wallet fat.

Nene Leakes Real Housewives Of Atlanta RHOA

Sometimes there is that one celebrity who wasn’t hashtag blessed with a dialogue filter. Or any accurate perception of reality. Case in point, still-employed-for-now, NeNe Leakes. Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers are well aware of NeNe’s explosive personality.

Season 12 was not all peaches and champagne for NeNe. Hell, she wasn’t even around for the first few episodes after getting checked for her attitude. NeNe claimed to be on a “spiritual journey”, but I’m not sure it took. She was still volatile. Still plagued by jealousy. And NeNe kept up with her favorite role, victim. You might think NeNe plateaued as the martyr of RHOA when she complained about caring for her husband during cancer treatment. Now she has surpassed even that. In an effort to explain her disastrous appearance on the reunion, NeNe likened herself to an unarmed black man murdered by a police officer. Yep, she went there.

Lala Kent

Do you wonder if the messy boots worn by cast members on Vanderpump Rules is less about the individual and more about who is protecting the individual? Exhibit A: former Pump Rules star, Stassi Schroeder. Stassi has been called out in the past for making racially insensitive comments. She was given a pass for “ignorance” but when things kept popping up, she got checked. Bravo couldn’t save face and save the cast, so they cut ties with Stassi and Kristen Doute for their part in filing a false police report against Faith Stowers. In the same podcast where Stassi and Kristen laughed about calling the cops on Faith, Stassi shared another little tidbit.

During Faith’s tenure on the show, it seemed her only friend was Lala Kent. Faith and Lala paraded around Lisa Vanderpump’s pool. Faith and Lala shared topless moments on a vacation to Hawaii. And according to Stassi, Lala pulled a knife on Faith. What’s more, this ALLEGEDLY occurred when cameras were filming. The incident never aired, but it might explain why Lala hopped on the apology bus. The question is, does it shine a light on Bravo’s proclivity to protect certain “stars”?

Former Vanderpump Rules Star Billie Lee Reveals Lisa Vanderpump Allegedly Said, “I Made Your Career And I Can Take It Away”

In the fallout of celebrities being exposed for racist activity, Vanderpump Rules has suffered much needed losses. This is a good thing. Discrimination in any form should not be tolerated, be it by skin color, sexual preference, or how one identifies as a human being.

Treating people horribly and basic intolerance isn’t new for Pump Rules. Who hasn’t had Lala Kent’s finger stuck in their face at this point? Let’s face it, Stassi Schroeder’s career was born from treating people like dirt. It seems we have been watching a show centered around systematic bullying. Sure, people have fun and drink. They go on fancy vacations. But there is usually one cast member receiving the wrath of a particular clique. Former SUR employee Billie Lee often felt victimized and misunderstood during her tenure on the show. Apparently when she tried to speak up, Lisa Vanderpump strongly advised her to stand down.


No one is working harder right now than our good ‘ol friend, Karma. On June 8, Bravo released four Vanderpump Rules cast members who made racially-challenged statements in the past. Fans will now have to imagine Stassi Schroeder’s Italian destination wedding to Beau Clark. She might have to change venues to a Vegas drive-thru, you know, for budget reasons. We will have to wonder about Kristen Doute’s love life and what she plans to do with boxes of unsold t-shirts. They are gone now, courtesy of falsely accusing Faith Stowers of committing a crime.

We also lost Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni. Unfortunately they made some racist remarks on social media years ago, but their ignorance then is haunting them now. While Bravo has finally cleaned house, fans are saying the work isn’t over. No tolerance should apply to all, not some. Now some of Jax Taylor’s past indiscretions are now up for review. While James Kennedy and Scheana Marie quietly cackle to themselves, Brittany Cartwright is seething in a corner, praying over beer cheese and hoping no one remembers the whole “pastor” thing. Well, Brit might need to break out the Hooters gear because it looks like Jax is next. If the fans have anything to say about it, that is.

Stassi Schroeder Vanderpump Rules

Guess what happens when you play yourself on television and your “character” isn’t exactly the epitome of compassion and fairness? Stassi Schroeder, star of Vanderpump Rules, can probably write a dissertation on it at this point. Right now the world is in a place where exposing inequality to people of color is flooding the media, and celebrities are not immune.

This isn’t Stassi’s first time at the tone-deaf rodeo. She has been accused of inappropriate actions before, but so have some of her co-stars. While it seems previous indiscretions of a racially insensitive nature are forgiven with an apology for some, Stassi’s are coming back to bite her in the ass. Faith Stowers spoke out about an incident where Stassi and Kristen Doute falsely accused her of a crime. Now Stassi is getting an education in Black Lives Matter and reaping what you sow.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha Williams has come into her own on Real Housewives of Atlanta. When we first met Porsha, she was being controlled by the wife of now ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. We also learned her grandfather has an incredibly impressive history. Reverend Hosea Williams was a champion of the Civil Rights movement and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in an effort to bring equality to African Americans.

Porsha appeared somewhat naive during the early years. Both in life and her heritage, most of us will never forget #undergroundrailroadgate. That said, it looks like Porsha has taken her experiences and grown as a person. She continues to provide a sufficient amount of shade on RHOA. Porsha has also become a mother to Pilar Jhena, though she may or may not be engaged to a Hot Dog King. Now Porsha is sharing her latest role. Much like her grandfather, Porsha is on the front lines of activism and she wants everyone to hear her message.