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Tom Sandoval Responds To Jax Taylor’s Recent Twitter Rant Against Him; Says Jax Was “Angry & Projecting”

Hey look, Jax Taylor had a meltdown! In other news, water is wet… Yes, the crew on Vanderpump Rules are once again navigating a bump in the road of friendship. There’s always that one person in your life that makes careless mistakes and then proceeds to blame someone else for their stupidity poor decisions. You could almost say that is the premise of Pump Rules in a nutshell.

Jax is going through it with best friend, Tom Sandoval. These two can’t agree on anything. Exhibit A: the pastor Jax and Brittany Cartwright originally chose for their beer cheese wedding. When the officiant decided to publicly share his thoughts on the LGBTQ community, pretty much everyone was offended. Jax seemed to be the most butthurt when Tom chimed in on the dilemma and took his ire straight to social media. Naturally. Now Tom is responding to Jax’s outburst and has some words for his buddy.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Alum, Kim DePaola Says Danielle Staub Can’t Change & Has “About 25 Personalities”

Oh the shade of it all! I’m not sure why Kim DePaola was never given a full shot on Real Housewives of New Jersey. She pretty much checks the boxes that require one to be on RHONJ. Fights with Teresa Giudice? Check. Shit-stirring gossip? Check. Curious hair extensions? Check. Why, if it weren’t for Kim D’s brick and mortar tribute to fashion, Posche, the high class ladies of New Jersey would have had to wait around for… Envy.

Kim truly is the gift that keeps on giving and she definitely doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Now Kim turns the special place she has in her heart for Teresa towards Beverly Danielle Staub. Danielle, better known as Captain Hair Puller, has once again shown her true colors during the season. But will Danielle ever tire of potentially catching a case and putting her hands on other people? According to Kim D, all signs point to a big, fat nope.

Kathryn Dennis Thomas Ravenel

As you might know, Southern Charm is FINALLY filming again after a long delay. And we all know what that means! Time to play another round of, “Are They Banging?”, courtesy of Kathryn Dennis and her baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel.

On this week’s episode of ATB?, we once again reflect on a curious Instagram photo posted by Miss Kathryn. Back on January 12, Kathryn shared a glam shot from a party. Also pictured, T-Rav,in very close proximity to Kathryn’s body. It certainly raised eyebrows that the two were more on again than off again. After brief speculation the couple had reunited like Ashford & Simpson, the streets are talking once more. Is this just clever subterfuge and trickery to get people talking or have the venomous twosome decided to give love another shot?

Jax Taylor Goes On Twitter Rant Over Tom Sandoval & Wedding Pastor Controversy

Star of Vanderpump Rules and avoider of all things dramatic, Jax Taylor, had a moment. Viewers are currently enjoying Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s journey to their first divorce marital bliss. On the last episode, the main topic of conversation was the controversial social media posts Brittany and Jax’s chosen wedding officiant had written. Lisa Vanderpump was horrified and made it her duty to “inform” the happy couple their pastor was not exactly accepting of a homosexual lifestyle. And what would Pump Rules be without every other cast member talking about it as well?

While most disagree with the pastor’s negative statements towards the gay community, Brittany and Jax took a lot of heat for not replacing him sooner. Tom Sandoval was particularly vocal, as he has long been a supporter of LGBTQ rights. Recently, the general manager of Tom Tom and Sandoval’s buddy Max Boyens found himself in the hot seat for sketchy sentiments as well. Yet Tom’s reaction to Max’s past indiscretions were written off as “youthful mistakes”. Jax took to Twitter to share his frustrations, and he did not hold back.

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Captain Sandy Yawn Had A Heart Attack During A SoulCycle Class

Captain Sandy Yawn, star of Below Deck Mediterranean, is taking care of business. She is a leader in a career mostly dominated by men. Cancer tried, but Sandy beat it. And she overcame a life-threatening motorcycle accident. Throughout the many personal challenges Sandy has faced in her life, she has pushed through with a staunch positive attitude and forayed that into becoming one of Bravo’s most-discussed celebrities.

Even if Captain Sandy isn’t your cup of tea, with her penchant for giving hugs and exasperation of Chief Stews who take too many meltdowns smoking breaks, there is one thing that cannot be denied. Sandy is a badass. Recently, Sandy experienced another harrowing medical incident. Now she is using her platform to raise awareness and share some advice we could all probably stand to hear. Listen to your body, y’all.


Social justice warrior and star of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval, is that guy who sticks up for the underdog. When he isn’t shaving his forehead or straightening his hair, you might find him saving loose-lipped James Kennedy from a throat punch. You could almost say in the realm of reality television, Tom is one of the good guys.

Most of the veteran cast are adulting now, including Tom. Along with partners Tom Schwartz and Lisa Vanderpump, the cocktail journey to enlightenment known as TomTom has brought some fresh blood to the Pump Rules petri dish waters. Some of these new cast members might be testing the limits of what is deemed acceptable in the age of social media. Or life in general. Newcomer, Max Boyens, recently came under fire for some uncovered ignorant and racist comments posted to Twitter. Now Tom 1 is being called out for his lack of response to Max’s youthful stupidity and he explains exactly what went down.

Stassi Schroeder Kristen Doute Vanderpump Rules

Everybody gather ’round and play your tiny violins for Kristen Doute. Poor Kristen is having a heck of a time, thus far on Vanderpump Rules. She has no man, no friends, and still no point on the show. Even though Kristen no longer claims Brian Carter as a dependant on her taxes, her completely dysfunctional relationships with her best friends began circling the drain again.

Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney, both successful relationship experts, grew weary of Kristen’s constant complaining about her life. Seemingly forgetting the only storylines either of them have had for the past two seasons revolved around their basic inability to function with a significant other. Now Stassi finds herself planning a wedding and fans are wondering if she will invite old buddy Kristen, despite their on/off status. Will Drunk Kristen have a seat at the A table, or will she be relegated to the parking lot, singing Good As Gold and crying with Scheana Marie?

Andy Cohen Admits Porsha Williams Was Almost Fired From Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Way back in 2012, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were introduced to one Porsha Williams Stewart. Porsha was a young married girl, filled with hopes and dreams of being the perfect mother and wife. Her now ex-husband, former football star, Kordell Stewart, ran a tight ship and kept a tight leash on his spouse. It was not an easy freshman year for Porsha. She didn’t exactly portray herself as the wisest Housewife ever, after displaying her complete lack of knowledge on historic facts regarding the Underground Railroad or how many days are in a year…

Porsha’s debut wasn’t finding a lot of support amongst the Bravo big guys. Keep in mind, this was before she bought economy-class tickets to THOTlandia and started using “her voice”. Now Andy Cohen is sharing some intel about Porsha’s first season, and believe it or not, her role was on very shaky ground. According to Andy, she was pretty much on the way out, but something happened at her first reunion that wound up changing minds and getting people on board that phantom train she had running beneath the Earth’s surface.