Project Runway Season 20, Episode 4 Recap: Coronation Couture

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

The world of fashion is more cutthroat than ever. That was never more apparent than in the latest episode of Project Runway Season 20. You can be riding high one week, then sent packing the next. With no immunities in play, this really is anybody’s game. Let’s dig into this week’s recap, as the All Stars were tasked with creating a look fit for a Queen.

Coronation creations

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
(l-r) Christian Siriano, Korto Momolu, Anna Zhou, Laurence Basse / Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

With filming taking place shortly after the coronation of King Charles III, producers had a plan. The contestants would have to create a formal gown fit for royalty. It needs to feel modern and fresh; fit for a royal of today. That could mean the likes of Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton, or even pop royalty like Beyoncé.

Mentor Christian Siriano then had everybody pick a single tea sandwich from a serving tray, following a very flamboyant welcome to the runway. He revealed that for this challenge, they would all be separated into pairs. Whoever had the same tea sandwich as somebody else, would join that person for this week of the competition. The pairs were:

Everybody seemed thrilled to be teamed up; but one team more than any other found it difficult to work together, as we soon found out.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
(l-r) Fabio Costa, Hester Sunshine / Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

For the most part, the pairs enjoyed one another’s company. Brittany soon began to find Anna’s presence frustrating, however. “I’m not a seamstress here to execute her vision,” she said in confessional. It seemed a little harsh; Anna was simply giving her advice to someone who she should have been able to bounce ideas off of. Of course, in such a high-intensity pressure cooker, we only get a glimpse of the whole day. It’s bound to become stressful, and sometimes those closest to us are who first feel our wrath in such a situation.

With only $1,000 to spend on fabrics for this challenge, some contestants are bemused. They got to spend double that amount the week prior on toys! Still, it’s enough for them to execute their visions, as they got to work. At the end of the first day, an extremely honest conversation was had. Korto and Rami felt a little underappreciated by Christian, and the panel of judges. Their original seasons of Project Runway were some time ago, so they feel they’ve not got the same connection to those decided their fate as the more recent additions to the franchise.

Clearing the air

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
(l-r) Brittany Allen, Anna Zhou / Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

As day two comes around, Brittany and Anna seem to be on much stronger ground. They’re now listening to one another, and might actually be able to pull something together using both of their expertise. When Christian arrives, however, he has some harsh words for the pair. “It looks like you just stuck [the beading] on the skirt,” he tells them. Anna is thrown, as she says she spent six gruelling hours putting that together.

Christian doesn’t hold back when he visits the rest of the pairs. He wants something “more dramatic … less safe,” from Bishme and Rami. “Things that are a bit ‘off’ will be better,” he advises. As for Kayne and Viktor? “It is looking a little bit medieval costume,” he worries. “I think you could do something cooler and more modern.”

When the models arrive, Christian has more advice, this time for Hester and Fabio. “It’s not the most beautiful fitting pant,” he tells them. The pair immediately get to work on changing it, confident that the rest of the ensemble is top tier.

Bring it to the runway

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
Guest judge Wes Gordon / Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

It’s runway day! Our resident judges Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth, are joined by guest judge Wes Gordon. He has dressed American royalty, Michelle Obama, and serves as creative director at the fashion label Carolina Herrera, having taken over from the woman herself in 2018.

The runway presentation is almost flawless. As the judges repeatedly note, there isn’t a single bad look among the bunch. There are simple some that are better than others.

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
(l-r) Designs by: Brittany and Anna; Kara Saun and Laurence; Kayne and Viktor / Photos by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

Brittany and Anna deliver a romantic, yet simple piece. It is quite ill-fitting in parts, which brings the entire design down. Kara Saun and Laurence’s offering, however, delivers everything the judges wanted and more. It may take a second to get used to, with the clash of colors and textures, but Laurence is right when she calls it her “redemption.” Kayne and Viktor, meanwhile, have a dramatic and daring, almost Game of Thrones offering. The headpiece is gorgeous, and the gown is beautiful, but the corset takes away from the rest of the design.

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Recap All Stars
(l-r) Designs by: Hester and Fabio; Rami and Bishme; Prajjé and Korto / Photos by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo

Hester and Fabio deliver their gender-neutral gown. It’s breathtaking, and has sharp edges that elevate it to high fashion. Rami and Bishme follow with an extremely well made piece, that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet of an awards show. Closing out the runway this week are Prajjé and Korto, with an absolutely stunning design. It’s a major win. This one was always going to be tough for the judges.

Who was sent home in Project Runway Season 20, Episode 4?

Viktor was ultimately the judge’s decision on who to send home. Despite his win in the competition the week prior to this one, the corset he was adamant should have been a part of his and Kayne’s design was responsible for seeing him sent out. Nina reassured him that “what we saw of you was fantastic and I know you have that talent in you.”

On the opposite end of the scale, Prajjé and Korto were celebrated with the best look of the week. Korto was announced as the overall winner, thanks to her hard work on the gown. “I feel seen,” she said. “I’m so thankful to represent for my people. Laurence and Kara Saun joined them in the top four, and history was made, as four African Americans enjoyed success in the top four, for the first time.

Next week: the remaining designers have to create a runway look from a single bolt of red fabric. Gulp!

Project Runway: All Stars continues Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.