Project Runway Season 20, Episode 12 Recap: I Wanna See Your Peacock

Project Runway recap
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Project Runway Season 20 continued this week, chopping down the All Stars from a final five into a final four. The designers opened the episode reflecting on their journey so far. Bishme was still feeling a little butthurt about being in the bottom for the last challenge. Fortunately, he has some great competitors – and more importantly friends – to help pull him out of the funk. But everybody’s sensitive. When Brittany asks Laurence about her three wins, calling them a “triple crown,” she bites back. “Triple crown? It’s not a crown.” Yikes. Here’s everything that happened in Project Runway All Stars, Season 20, Episode 12.

Bring on the boys

Project Runway recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

Christian arrived on the (project) runway with a huge peacock feather accessory. She was called Sheba, and helped introduce the next challenge. The All Stars would be celebrating the “era of male peacocking.” Their mission? To create a red carpet ready menswear look, that was both striking and chic. Plus, they’d have two days to get it done, and the winner would receive a cool $5,000.

Bishme was excited, and would take inspiration from Lil Nas X. Laurence, meanwhile, had the advantage of an extra $200 to play with at Mood Fabrics. Her total to spend was $950, while everybody else could enjoy $750 worth of the finest material. She was hoping to implement a kilt, because she found the Scottish attire “sexy” on any sort of man.

Rami was hoping for a big comeback this week. He was going to deliver a deconstructed sleeve jacket, with draping, in the right way. He’s coming off the back of an attempt that didn’t quite go to plan, and landed him towards the bottom of the pile. But would he be able to do it when most of his clients have been women?

Brittany’s feeling the same way, and for good reason. In her 2020 season, she was destroyed for her male tuxedo challenge. This time round, she wants to show a newfound confidence in her work.

Finally, Prajjé has an idea to incorporate voodoo artistry in his design. The markings are usually displayed as part of ceremonies; a bold choice indeed.

Christian arrives, but what’s the vibe?

Project Runway recap
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Chaos demon Christian is back in the workroom, and he has opinions. That’s why we love him, right? First up is Brittany, who wants to design a flared trouser, blouse, and a bow, leaning into Gucci. Christian’s a fan of the concept, but wants her to move more into the sporty atmosphere, steering away from Gucci.

Laurence has everybody laughing when she attempts to describe her concept. She’s going for pleating, along with a bulletproof vest made of leather, under a very flowy, beautiful shawl. “This is insanity,” Christian jokes. “I’m so happy that in your head it looks great!”

Prajjé doesn’t want the voodoo imagery on his outfit to be “so clear,” so he’ll be cutting into the material he drew. He’s designed a mesh for inside his cape, but Christian thinks he’s using too many fabrics. “It is gonna be fabulous,” Prajjé promises.

Rami notes that this type of tailoring is an entirely new lane for him. He wants to show some skin and deliver a sexy look. The pants will almost be a skirt under the jacket, with bridal elements infused. Converting the soft, feminine elements of that world into menswear will be a challenge, but it’s one he’s up for.

Finally, Bishme reveals his monochromatic, Western plans. It’s something a movie star would wear to the premiere of their Western revenge thriller. Like a “Western Lenny Kravitz.” One thing’s for sure; this look’s gonna be eye-catching.

How do you get blood out of fabric?

Project Runway recap
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On the second day, the models arrive. Everybody’s excited for more testosterone to be added to the mix.

Rami notes the “tedious” process of creating pants. “Pray to the fashion gods … if something goes wrong, the jig is up.” Bishme is sewing, and all of the models are looking good whether they’re wearing early fits of the designer’s creations, or just the clothes they came in. This is a gorgeous bunch.

While Bishme is helping his model, though, there’s the markings of a horror movie. The model gets pricked by one of the needles, and bleeds on the pants. Christian suggests Bishme cut out the panel and fit a new one. “Maybe it’s a part of the look?” Bishme laughs. It’s Prajjé who saves the day, however, when he suggests hydrogen peroxide. It works! I hope someone was also checking on the model as well as the pants…

Drama teased between Brittany and Christian turns out to be Christian just being his usual self. He says Brittany doesn’t “care” about her look, and when she fires back, he reveals he was “totally joking.” It’s gotta be hard trying to work with this cheeky chap running around.

No one knows that better than Prajjé. After calling over Christian for his opinion, he sends him away again. “Who sent you?!” Prajjé chides. I love the relationships these designers share with Christian. They’re like one big, silly, incredibly talented family. The von Trapps of the fashion world.

Project Runway’s first red carpet menswear runway

Project Runway recap
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Runway day arrives, and the stunning Colman Domingo joins the judging panel. Nina, Brandon, and Elaine are all also present. But who delivers, and whose menswear falls flat? Here’s my rundown of the looks this week, from my personal point of view…

  • Brittany’s offering was an incredible fashion moment. I instantly saw the Harry Styles of it all. The bow was a great addition, so props to Christian for encouraging that. The colors were perfect, and this was a stellar opening to the runway show.
  • Rami was next up, and kept the standard high. For me, the fitting was perfect; tight while maintaining a lightness about it. The marrying of masculine and feminine energies came through from every angle.
  • Prajjé’s design was next, and the artwork looked beautiful. He’d chosen the perfect shoes, but the bronze turtleneck was maybe not the right choice. It clashed too much with the rest of the outfit.
  • Laurence’s look was awesome, but not quite red carpet. She certainly picked the right model to style this outfit, as he was DELIVERING. Someone find his Instagram.
  • Bishme’s creation completed the runway, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. With Lil Nas X as the inspiration, he delivered something I could see the singer in tomorrow. I loved the Western vibe, and legit applauded when the model walked the runway. Bravo!

What did the judges think?

Project Runway recap
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“Cream is so classic,” Colman said of Rami’s design. “There’s some fit issues,” Elaine started. Really? “[But the] idea spoke to me.” Nina described the entire look as a “draping delight.”

Colman said Bishme’s outfit was “so playful … little play on some streetwear as well.” Nina wanted to see it without the hat, and called the design “so sharp,” while Brandon was also anti-hat, because of the fabric choice.

“I hate the copper mesh turtleneck … that’s what really disturbed me,” Nina said of Prajjé’s design. Same, Nina. “If the story’s unclear, it doesn’t resonate,” Colman warned.

As for Brittany? “I would wear that out. It is sexy, it is Victorian, it is disco,” said Colman. Elaine noted that the pants were very similar to Gucci. “Referential,” said Nina.

Laurence’s feedback came last. “This wasn’t the most inspired,” Colman said. “I am confused about the vision … a miss for me,” added Elaine.

Who won, and who was sent home?

Project Runway recap
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In the end, Rami was named the winner. His look was described as “completely original and elevated male peacocking to a whole new level.” He feels “amazing, especially doing something outside of my comfort zone.” A huge round of applause for Rami, who I feel has been somewhat slept on throughout this competition. It’s nice to see him get his flowers.

Sadly, where there is a winner, there is also a loser. As Brittany and Bishme were declared safe, it came down to Laurence and Prajjé. Laurence’s design was described as “too reserved,” while Prajjé’s was “confusing.” In the end, Prajjé’s Project Runway journey came to a close.

He thanked the judges for their feedback, and said he understood where things went wrong. He’s leaving with his “dignity intact,” and his “integrity.” For that, we applaud him!

Next week: The final challenge before the big finale!

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