Tahzjuan Hawkins on Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor Nation’s Most Ridiculous Fake Job Titles

Bachelor Nation cast members’ jobs are always revealed by the network, though some are more believable than others. Editors sometimes get creative when crafting chyrons—the graphic at the bottom of the screen showing the cast members’ name, age, and “job.” There have been several occasions where cast members have been saddled with a ridiculous chyron that may or may not be accurate. These are the most wild Bachelor Nation fake jobs that editors have come up with.

Jesse Palmer – ‘Not Clayton Echard’


ABC has caught a lot of flack for casting leads with a similar look, and this was especially apparent during Clayton Echard’s season. After former host Chris Harrison’s departure from the franchise, former Bachelor Jesse Palmer was tapped to host.

Jesse never found love on The Bachelor, but as its host, Jesse found his calling. Now the new face of Bachelor Nation, viewers couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Jesse and Clayton. The two looked like they could be brothers, something that ABC was able to joke about.

Editors added a “Not Clayton Echard” title to Jesse’s chyron at one point, and it was nice to see the network is able to laugh at itself. 

Tahzjuan Hawkins – ‘Already Overheating’


Tahzjuan Hawkins’ first foray on Bachelor in Paradise was a total disaster. Not only did she not find love, she also found herself passing out from heat stroke. 

On her second appearance in Paradise, Tahzjuan had high hopes. However, those hopes were never fulfilled, as she began to succumb to the Mexican heat almost immediately. Appropriately, her chyron on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 first read, “Already Overheating.” 

As if that wasn’t good enough, editors changed Tahzjuan’s chyron title throughout the season. Her fake job titles also included gems like, “Still Hot” and “Dated Tre’s Uncle.” The editors truly outdid themselves with Tahzjuan’s chyron’s.

Kenny Braasch – ‘Naked’

Kenny Braasch on Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise has a much different tone than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. On the summer-based spin off, both the cast and production have a much more relaxed and fun vibe. As such, cast members often come in with fun intro gimmicks, and Kenny Braasch’s was one for the books.

Kenny showed up to Paradise “naked” with nothing but a black censor box shielding viewers’ eyes from his alleged birthday suit. Fittingly, Kenny’s first chyron read, “Naked.” Kenny’s chyrons also changed throughout the season, and at one point he’s simply titled, “40 Year Old.” 

Lucas Yancey – ‘Whaboom’

Lucas Yancey on The Bachelorette
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It’s hard to believe that Lucas Yancey was ever a contestant on The Bachelorette, because on the show he was nothing more than a walking gimmick. Lucas didn’t seem interested in finding love with Rachel Lindsay, or even making friends. Instead, his purpose for being there (and existing in general) was “Whaboom.”

Lucas never explained what “Whaboom” is or why viewers should care about it or him. But during his short tenure on the show, “Whaboom” is what adorned his chyron, and it left fans just as confused as Lucas did.

Chris ‘Cupcake’ Strandburg – ‘Cupcake’

Chris Cupcake Strandburg on The Bachelorette
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Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable limo entrances came from Chris Strandburg. Chris came rolling up on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season in a motorized cupcake vehicle, and a new nickname was born. 

Over the course of Kaitlyn’s season, Chris came to be known as “Cupcake,” and he was an incredibly good sport about it. Though his chyron at the start of his journey read “Dentist,” by the end of the season, Chris’ new job title was “Cupcake.” 

Chris Bukowski – ‘Not Gerard Butler’


The Bachelor in Paradise editors really outdid themselves with Chris Bukowski on Season 6. Chris was a Bachelor Nation veteran, by then having shown up on six different shows, making him one of the cast members with the most appearances in the franchise.

So, on his most recent Bachelor in Paradise attempt, the editors decided to have some fun. Not only did they show chyrons including his entire Bachelor Nation resume, he was also given some other cheeky monikers. “Bachelor Nation Elder” was pretty great, but the best Bachelor Nation fake job title was “Not Gerard Butler.” 

Haley & Emily Ferguson – ‘Twins’

Emily and Haley Ferguson on Bachelor in Paradise
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Haley and Emily Ferguson were a strange addition to Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, because they weren’t presented as individuals. It was unclear if Ben was supposed to date them separately or treat them as a package deal. 

It was even stranger when the sisters were stripped of their agency and given the job title “Twins” in their double ITMs. The ridiculous chyron followed Emily and Haley to Bachelor in Paradise, where it once again looked like their role in life was to be sisters. 

Kamil Nicalek – ‘Social Media Participant’

Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

There’s been a lot of criticism in recent years that ABC has been casting way too many social media influencers. Perhaps as a cheeky way to hit back, the network cast a man for Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette who could only claim to be a participant. 

Kamil Nicalek’s chyron read “Social Media Participant,” which is just about as far away as you can get from an influencer. Though Kamil didn’t last long on the show (perhaps because he wasn’t an influencer), his chyron will be remembered.

Daniel Maguire – ‘Canadian’

Daniel Maguire on Bachelor in Paradise
(Photo credit: Daniel Maguire/YouTube)

It’s hard to understate the strangeness that is Daniel Maguire. After making his debut on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, Daniel seemed perfect for Bachelor in Paradise—and he absolutely was.

On the spin off, Daniel slathered himself in maple syrup to showcase his pride for his homeland, Canada, among other strange moments. In fact, there was so little to Daniel’s personality and job history, that editors cut to the chase and added “Canadian” to his chyron, as if that explains everything. 

There have been many Bachelor Nation fake job titles over the years, but some really stand out, and the editors should be applauded for not taking the franchise too seriously.