Project Runway Season 20, Episode 6 Recap: Throwing It Back to the ‘90s

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 5 Recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

Project Runway thankfully got back on the train to fun this week. The drama of the last episode was dismissed within the first few minutes of the latest installment. “Last challenge got real ugly, real quick,” Korto admitted. She went to Anna’s room to apologize, and all was forgiven.

With that, the designers took to the runway to find out what they would be tasked with in Episode 6. The All Stars were ecstatic when Christian walked out with Beverly Hills 90210 star Jennie Garth. She hasn’t aged a day; it’s not fair!

This week, the contestants would be split into two teams. Their task? Bringing back the ’90s, with a “chic, cohesive fashion collection.” To make it a little more interesting, they would be banned from using denim. Bring on the synergy!

Project Runway’s bad bitches of streetwear

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 5 Recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

Prajjé was super happy with his team’s makeup. He was on the Blue team, alongside Laurence, Korto, Bishme, and Rami. That meant over on the Red team, was Kayne, Brittany, Fabio, Kara Saun, and Anna. Korto suggested a hip-hop, RnB theme for the Blues, while the Reds decided to go in the grunge direction, on Kara Saun’s suggestion.

Anna instantly seemed nervous. She’s never worked with plaid before, but when you’re on Project Runway, that’s not really an excuse. After a hectic shopping trip, it became clear that Laurence was a natural team leader for the Blues, while Kara Saun was the “fashion godmother” on the Reds side. At the end of the first day, Rami was “feeling the pressure,” while Fabio admitted his anxiety was “sky high.”

Rami’s celebrity throwback, and Laurence’s emotional past

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 5 Recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

On the second day of design, Rami revealed he had once created a top worn on the cover of a magazine by the late Aaliyah. She was one of the first high-profile celebrities he had worked with, and he couldn’t have been prouder.

Laurence, meanwhile, opened up to Christian about her earlier years. She had fallen pregnant at 16, and kept it from her parents until two weeks before giving birth. Her father disowned her, but she still wouldn’t change a thing about that time. “I was always trying to hang onto the little things I had,” she explained. “Fashion probably saved my life.” That same year, she went to fashion school, and it’s clear the world is a better place for it.

While dishing out his usual advice, Christian noted that Kayne’s look was edging on “costume-y.” He also told Prajjé that his sweatpants were giving “pajamas,” and worried about Brittany’s use of vinyl. Prajjé defended his look, while Brittany used a clever tactic of distracting Christian with a prop: a working mobile phone from the ’90s!

Bring it to the high school runway

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 5 Recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

After a pizza party with all of the best vibes, the designers got ready for what would be the final day for one All Star. “Who’s gonna murder who?” Rami joked. Too soon, Rami! Last week was a nightmare!

Taking place in a school, the runway presentation got underway. The Blue team were up first, and Bishme did what Bishme does: delivered a stunning look that set the tone for the rest of the collection. His design was funky, fashion-forward, and meshed with a healthy dose of attitude. Rami’s came next, and was a little less punchy, but still did the trick. The cargos really completed the look.

Prajjé proved Christian wrong with his solid offering. The jacket was incredible, and looked expensive. Laurence’s design followed, and was dripping in ’90s pop culture. It was a throwback, but an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place on a runway today. Finally, Korto’s open sleeved, stunning design really delivered high fashion.

Next up were the Reds. Anna’s amazing plaid pants showcased her eye for styling. Brittany’s open jumpsuit, on the other hand, wasn’t great. The construction wasn’t quite as bad as she feared, but it just didn’t stand out among the crowd. Kayne also failed to impress, with a simple mash-up of fabrics that fell flat. Plus, the black cape was unnecessary.

Fabio brought the fashion back when his design hit the runway. The high neck was a fascinating and unique take on the challenge. His backpack jacket was also an inventive piece of work. Then Kara Saun blew her entire team out of the water, with one of the most captivating looks of the night.

Elaine said she had never see Nina “this excited,” and it was clear to see why. “This could not have been a more fun show,” Nina said. “It was wonderful to watch all of you.” But who had won?

Cohesivity wins the day on Project Runway

Project Runway Season 20 Episode 5 Recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

In the end, the Blues would win the challenge. Their looks were “clear,” with a “cohesive identity,” according to Brandon. Honestly, it’s hard to deny. Prajjé, Bishme, and Laurence have the top scores from the winning team, but the judges also make sure to give Kara Saun her flowers. On the opposite end, Brittany, Fabio, and Kayne make up the bottom three for the week. Laurence took the overall win, and it was very well deserved.

“It felt chaotic and nobody was on the same page,” Brandon said of the Red team. As they went down the line, Fabio stepped in to defend his design. He said it was the “best thing I’ve done this season so far,” and good for him! Nina remained unconvinced, and didn’t look best pleased when he was declared safe for the week.

After some debate, the judges decided to send Kayne home. There really was no defending what he put up. “You know we love you,” Elaine said. “I’m gonna miss you,” added Nina. “It’s been a pleasure,” Kayne responded. Over and out – until next time.

Next week: Underwear and outerwear! Time to design some “couture undergarments.” Things are about to get sexy!

Project Runway continues Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.