Bethenny Frankel
(Photo by John Parra/WireImage)

Bethenny Frankel Accuses TJ Maxx of Selling Her Fake Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Bethenny Frankel is calling out a supposed scam! The Real Housewives of New York City alum took to Instagram to expose retail company TJ Maxx for allegedly selling her counterfeit Manolo Blahnik shoes. At this point, Bethenny is doing God’s work.

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, the former reality star posted a video on Instagram. She said, “This is the most effed up thing yet.” Bethenny revealed that she was made aware of the company’s potentially shady moves, by fashion blogger Jack Savoie, after she’d promoted them millions of times on her page.

The RHONY alum revealed that the blogger revealed that the pink heels she bought (and the ones showcased in the video) were fake, as they were missing a suede sole and also had the incorrect logo.

Bethenny is shocked, confused and furious all at once

Bethenny looked shocked by the scam and was enraged. This considering how she had viewed the store as a “treasure hunt” and had bought “tons of stuff” from there. She also noted that something was off about the shoe’s size as a size 40 didn’t fit her when she was size 39.

The star has used her platform for a number of reasons, both trivial and important. But this time she aired out all the store’s dirty laundry to over three million followers. She said, “Never did I think that there could be a fake product in there, It just never occurred to me. It’s a public company — I own the stock.”

Bethenny didn’t hold back and immediately called TJ Maxx to confront them. She was met with a confusing response – that an individual must have undertaken an exchange with a “counterfeit return.”

While they chose to reimburse the $869 she paid for the shoes, the RHONY alum wasn’t accepting. Bethenny said she’s done “millions of of dollars in free advertising for you,” and hasn’t asked “for a goddamn thing.”

Fraud or not – Bethenny revealed she will wear the shoes with pride as she owns them now. I mean, the damage is already done so may as well wear them until they last. But she didn’t stop there.

There was some deep dive from here end from here on out!

In another Instagram video that she posted this week, Bethenny showcased many other products. Bethenny suggested these may also be knockoffs. These included Saint Laurent shoes and a Valentino bag.

Page Six reached out to the retailer. They said, “At TJ Maxx, we stand behind the merchandise we sell, and our vendors represent and warrant that the goods they supply to us are genuine and authentic.” They claimed Bethenny’s case was that of return fraud, but incidents like these happens in retail from “time to time.”